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A famous quote from Shakespeare’s 12th Night Says, “If music be the food of love,play on; Give me excess of it.” Well I guess the ladies can echo Duke Orsino after taking a listen to The Listen EP by young and talented Mik.  You can download all his music via this link (Mik Manjengwa On Soundcloud)

Mik is a young rising RnB artiste and recently released an EP which was produced by the great Delani Makhalima, Spirit Fingers and Anonzi Xndr. The artist featured Marques, Mile,  Maniac and Joker Davinci in this EP where he expresses mostly love emotions that daily listener can relate to, dance to or dedicate to their loved ones. Some may even want to use these in memory of a loved one, whatever the reason as soon as you get these songs (which have been put up freely on soundcloud), you will want them to play on.

My personal favourites are This Love and Roller Coaster (which feature Maniac Beazy from Came Wit’ Da Benz). This love is a bit more laid back while Roller Coaster is more upbeat with a fusion of Hip-hop and perhaps that’s why I relate to it. Songs like Easier on the other hand, may have an easier feeling on a ladies brain. There is also a song he did with Joker Da Vinci entitled, Love In Harare, where he once again manages to blend the hip-hop with the music.

It is everyday however that I come across such levels of talent and I feel they need more support from us. The industry and the people that say they support the #BuyZimhiphop movement. Here is a very talented vocalist getting noticed even on this blog after some weeks. Perhaps it’s the internet access, but we can do better today and push this music to the rest of the world individually even by re-tweeting this post itself or the actual soundcloud link.  This is work that can be out there to represent us as an industry because it is quality work and a young man and his friends with the help of Xndr and Delani sweated out their souls in the studio to give us for free a project that deserved to cost $9,00 per download on i-tunes store.

Let’s at least appreciate that gif by clicking the download link and commenting on every single track. Why should we comment? We should comment, favourite and repost on that soundcloud because that’s what increases their find-ability by new fans from around the globe who didn’t know we have amazing music in Zimbabwe. Also because that’s like our $9,00 to say, “Hey, we didn’t get to give you your $9 for a well recorded project Mik, but here’s our payment. We are going to re-share your review and we are going to re-share the links , comment and favourite.”

I definitely enjoyed the project and let’s keep making amazing Hip-hop.

The Track List

1. Like Ohh – (Prod by Anonzi Xndr) ft Mile

2. This Love (Prod. by Delani Makhalima)

3.Roller Coaster – ( Anonzi Xndr) ft Maniac

4. Easier – (Prod by Spirit Fingers)

5. Love in Harare -ft Joker and Marques

(Mik Manjengwa On Soundcloud

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