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One of the most talented Zimbabwean female vocalists to ever kick it recently dropped a mixtape titled No Pressure. Sisiyanti Siggs is a Hwange born artiste who grew up in Bulawayo, in Northend suburbs. An exceptional female vocalist now based in South Africa and putting in work with The Mixmasters.
Female artistes gotta feel threatened

Well whilst she was still in Zim, she had always worked with Mixmaster and T Krued among others. In her early career she had tours overseas in Man Soul Jah’s band so this has always been encrypted in her bone marrow.

The mixtape “No Pressure” kicks in with title track “No Pressure”, produced by gTbeats (of the Mare fame).  The message simply is that she lives with no worries. The statement is Southern Africa’s version of “Hakuna Matata”. This song is basically about her and her “crew” having fun and living a little after working hard. The melodies are on point.

“Sweet Love” is the next track on the playlist, a track featuring Skek and Numi. It is a sweet love jam, that will make you relax. It has a very good male fusion. The production on it was done by Skek and BC and it speaks of a lover who captivated her and “stole her heart like a thief in the night”. I’m not much of a love song fan but I loved the plot and execution and then my favourite song of the project kicked in.

A conscious mellow jam titled “Free Your Mind”, which Jay Drizzy and Shayzar produced. I was like “yooooo!”. I loved it, it’s both enlightening and exciting. Very few pop songs are this conscious. It’s something you can dance to  while you passively meditate the message. The next track after it titled “Gud Bye”  begins with the beautiful vibrations of strings but the message is rather sad and emotional…

“Gud Bye,” is about a woman who’s tired of an abusive and hurtful relationship and has finally decided to finally leave. It’s very touching and I guess the strings being strummed in sync play a part. This is once again a Shayzar (Mixmasters production. It seems Shayzar had to create my favourites. The deeper meaning songs.

“Somewhere tonight,” is next on the playlist and it talks of a woman who knows that her man is cheating and decides to revenge by cheating back. Well only because she is tired of being lonely and being on the receiving end. She is tempted to find a temporary replacement while her man is where he is. The song is produced by BC.
Finally a positive love song kicks in next. The song titked “Tonight” has this powerful progression that you want to hear but it’s only 1min 52sec. Produced by J Drizz under Mixmasters. The next track is “Treat Me Right”, it’s of course a love song as you guessed, about a woman who wants to be treated right. You know how girls dictate their standards. She says “I am a diamond in the dirt”. With such a voice she indeed is. Krued produced the 70’s sound that you hear in there. Exceptional work. He also gets to put his own vocals as a parody in a comical way with Sisiyanti laughin in the background.

Gigi Lamayne features in the next track on the playlist with a song titled, “Zvichanaka Chete”. It is a song about hope and very much motivational. Encourages people to keep pushing for their dreams and promises that all will be well. Sisiyanti kicks her vocals whilst Gigi kicks rap bars. As you guessed, this was a Mix Master production with Shayzar on it.

The next track is a J Drizzy production titled “Faces”, this is another brief tale of a bad girl gone good because of the conviction she gets from her new man. Everytime she wants to do wrong she sees him.

The next track is a sensual composition titled “Rock Me Tonight”, it’s about a woman who is in touch with her sexuality and wants a man who can fulfil her fantasies. Bundled with the next track “Vhaya Kadhumba” it seems Sisiyanti needed to end the mixtape on a seductive note. Vhaya Kadhumba features Moni and was produced by Dublin, whilst the former is by Shayzar (from Mixmasters). Vhaya Kadhumba has a video which came out early this year.

All in all I think this was rightfully a mixtape because it had no one theme but these where different spectacular concepts that she did. I am also glad to say even though Sisiyanti is living outside of Zimbabwe she is evidently in touch with her roots because she worked with local producers and there was a lot of fusion of Shona lyrics in her music.

Sisiyanti is the sister to a Zim Hip-hop exceptionally talented individual who I wont name. It’s for you to find out, but being exceptional runs in the blood.

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