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The Zimbabwean dancehall scene is populated by various artists, mostly characterized by shone vernacular songs that appeal to Harare Ghetto. Wreckless Damage manages to use English language and still bring a sound that doesn’t fall short of amazing. His music is available online for free download and streaming and offers listeners value for their ears.

He actually creates music that can keep a gig going on and get the ladies drop to the floor. Early this year he did a song with Size 6 called To The  Floor. The song is for  party girls to “whine”, “shake” or “twerk” whatever terms exist in the  party girl dictionary. The sound is clear and the chorus is quite good. On his  reverbnations I found a lot of interesting music that shows that the artist has been working on his craft for a long time.

Other than English, he does manage to fuse some of music with Shona, which makes him a fully versatile dancehall artist. He is also very positive is songs like Most High Leads The Way which reveals his beliefs in a creator and spirituality and how he attributes his personal successes to it. With people like Wreeckless Damage continually visiting the studio to drop songs , Zimbabwean dancehall is not likely to fade away soon. It is fast becoming a dorminant force.

Other artists that are pishing it are people like Dhadza D, Seh Calaz and Winky D among others. They go from artists with huge followings to not so popular, but even the not so popular of dancehall artists create good entertaining relatable music that resonates with the masses. Some say dancehall is the new sungura as it has gained mass appeal.

Zimbabwean hip-hop on the other hand is still finding it’s way into the mainstream audience but perhaps with help from it’s not so distant cousin dancehall, it may peep the scene. Wreckless Damage should continue to do the work he is doing on the dancehall scene and more over in Zimbabwean music. Big up. Let’s get that download link, listen and enjoy.

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