Does Anyone Package Themselves Like Trae Yung (@traeyung)

I’ve been planning to do a write up on Trae Yung for a long time, but somehow I have never gathered information to do so. It hasn’t been easy because there are so much aspects from which we can talk about her, from topping the charts, taking all the awards in her category to being a business woman. She can con
firm that I always find her online and promise to send her interview questions.

Trae YungIf you don’t know Trae Yung, she is a female Hip-hop artiste in Zimbabwe, probably one of the most well packed. She records under the TMG label and is affiliated with artistes like Rayo, Noble Stylz, Mr Noxa, Dobba Don and Jay Mashaire. She has three Zim Hip-hop awards to date and she has a large on and offline presence. These are just a few things that can be said about Trae Yung but what is most defining about her is her hard work, humility and dedication.

She does not build a fan base, she builds a tribe. Even though she has a fan page she has even extended her Facebook personal accounts to two and has a Whatsapp group to interact with members of her tribe. A tribe is simply when your “fan-base” is more a family, not people who put you high up on a pedestal and say yes to everything. These people will guide you like a family and be the brave ones to tell you when you make wrong moves.  I am convinced that the main family members of the TMG tribe would be ladies such as Trish Mhangamiso, Boss Spencer, Mr Noxa, Eue Angel,  Miranda Chimuti and Noble Stylz (whom she refers to as her twinnie).  There are very little possibilities of failing with support structures. Correct me if I’m wrong about this team, it was made by observation.

Now the packaging…

The packaging makes sense as soon as the tribe is co-operative because with such a network, Trae Yung is not the only person asking for Trae Yung votes. Laws of persuasion come to place. The community gives back to Trae Yung as much as she has been there for them. That’s why her true family will buy a Ndikoko cap. She packages well and has good graphics done for her. She has an on-schedule series “Trae Yung Mondays” before release. Trae Yung has clothes with tag-lines she pushes, meaning multiple revenue streams and she stays relevant through the year.

What I like about her packaging…

Trae Yung and the ladies that run with her team, mentioned as part of her tribe is a very beautiful lady. The team has some of the most gorgeously built females yet not one day do they try to sell Trae Yung through sexuality. Most female rappers world over would like to sell bodies before bars but Trae Yung is in the race without playing the gender card. She is in fact a challenge to many male artistes on fair grounds. Never has she tried to push her music by selling sexiness or playing victim to patriarchy.

In conclusion…

I wish her well and I will not be surprized to see her take yet another award at the forthcoming Zim Hip-hop awards because in my eyes she deserves it.

Get Her Music on Reverbnation look out for Ndikoko…


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