Do Good Rap Lyrics Mean Good Delivery

Do Good Rap Lyrics Mean Good Delivery


I have read a lot of good rap lyrics on Facebook and other social platforms by other rappers that I found really deep. The word play: metaphors, similes are quite good. They may have one nodding their head. However these rappers seem to have fewer tracks out and more “writtens” on line.

In an era that seems to still favour weak lyrics and style, I hear less lyrics on radio or in people’s phones or iPods. It only seems to end on good lyricists walls. Is it that the lyricists have not been recording material or their bars as good as they look are hard to deliver as rap and are more like good poetry. I am one of these lyricists online although I believe I can deliver all the rhymes I type on Facebook sometimes I fail to deliver  the bars of other artists in my heard because of syllable irregularities, though their message will be strong and their metaphors will be off the chain.


During a twitter conversation; I tweeted a picture of my punch-lines to Begotten sun (Zimbabwean Hip-hop producer). After giving me props on how deep the wordplay was he highlighted how most rappers would not be able to make cohesive tracks with good punch-lines and also highlighted that people were not all that smart to decipher some lyrics. I understood him very well and went back to my drawing board to compare popular songs by less lyrical rappers to those of very lyrical rappers. I also studied the ones who are half of each, those who work on delivery and keep the message simple. I concluded that weak lyricists mostly have swaggy and stylish delivery so they need to work their lyrical muscle.  On the other hand, dope lyricists need to work their delivery muscles.

I realized that in my country there were indeed good lyricists however that also had good delivery, the late King Pinn, Tehn Diamond, Synik, Munetsi, Thought Illohim ,Outspoken,Upmost, Mariachi and Depth among others. A lot of nay say is said about some of these lyricists but then again this is an opinion I hold. I am particularly inspired by Mbonisi “Thought” Zikhali as a lyricist and mentor.  I respect the lyricism of Master Confuze though I feel he has to keep working the delivery muscle. Shingirai “Ill Manner” Jinjika is also a mogul with bars on Facebook but I have not seen much recorded work from him.

Internationally I believe Nas to be one of the best lyricists I’ve seen do it. The list is long so will not dive into it but definitely I cannot stand Gucci Mane lyrics though my homeboy Navy seal begs to differ.

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