DKR – Huyauone Video Preview x Changamire Pre-Review (@BegottenSun @tanganyikavv)

I was invited by Syn City executive producer and KYN record label executive Begotten Sun (Kudakwashe Musasiwa) for a listening session of DKR – Gudo Guru’s upcoming project Changamire somewhere in Malbereign Sentosa. I was definitely humbled by the exclusive listen and viewing of the whole video for Huyauone which I must say is heat.

Being the first blogger to see this really was a humbling experience. Huyauone video is a well directed video. You will begin to understand the avatar’s and hashtag’s Begotten Sun was on through the year. Well planned.

DKR – Means Divide Kingdom Republic. We’ll get to that name later in this write up.

gudo guru

What I can note and learn from DKR is that they took time on this project and it is well orchestrated. The mbira sound is brilliant, I particularly like a song entitled Shanje. Beautiful instrumentation through out the album from the Zimbabwean  based Hip-hop icons. The mbira sound is not like that generated by some digital production software. It is in fact the real drums, shakers (hosho) and mbira. No break beats and 808’s. They are bringing a whole new level to unpolluted Afrocentric Hip-hop. They have stuck to the roots no doubt. Still wearing those beads too.

“You will respect the beads.” *Larry Voice*

The lyrics are mostly in Shona, the instances of English are common words we use in modern Shona like eya time (air time) – [ Basically words that would confuse listeners if translated to Shona]. Their intention is not for you to go back to your High School Shona teacher for idioms, adjectives and verbs. I appreciate the fact that they are a cultural family. What I saw on that Sunday was not a band. It was a family that sticks to it’s roots. Had I not met Begotten Sun in person I would not understand the energy in this album enough to review it. Basically what I saw was well up man raised by 2 cultures, Hip-hop and African Traditional Culture  who did not abandon the other culture because of the other. Of course they shared a story or two about how they become thus, but while abroad they seeked knowledge of their roots.

As you will see in the video I will embed below there is a lot of African symbolism like a spiral which Begotten Sun reffered to as the Ndoro. He said a lot about it but I was still awed by the video that I forgot some of it. I urge him to share it under the hashtag #Huyauone on twitter as soon as he comes across this.

Let’s Get to the group name now – Divided Kingdom Republic

Begotten Sun says 

See a Kingdom is run by Kings.

And Republic is run by the people

All devided.

The album has political themes woven with spiritualism and so forth. It is more than basic social commentary of the obvious usual conscious songs in that the metaphors almost become direct.

Most conscious hip-hop seems to talk about distant problems but this message was made for Zimbabwe and countries that are it’s parallel will of course relate.

Let me leave you an embed to the DKR – Video for Huyauone. If Begotten Sun , Shingi Mangoma , Munya  and the rest of the family do not change their minds the album should dromp 1st of December. And Sunna don’t forget to hashtag #Huyauone in a series of tweets to tell us about the Ndoro and even the Gudo Guru concept if you will.

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