DJ Towers Ungrateful To The Man Who Made Him Matter

I honestly cringe at the level of disrespect shown by some of the younger guys in our Hip-hop industry. It was this weekend when I saw Team Bho’s DJ Towers satirize Xndr and his girlfriend through a meme and a Facebook post.

DJ Towers attacked Xndr as stupid for being in a relationship with someone who was a mother, in an image where the producer was holding a child. In my point of view there is absolutely nothing wrong with falling in love with someone who already has a child and the DJ Towers mindset is old fashioned and ridiculous especially for a man who sleeps with under-age girls. He had no right to be spoofing into the personal life of the man who made him a bit relelvant, or anyones for that sake. These are not the values we want Hip-hop in Zimbabwe to represent.

Shots are taken for sport in Zimbabwe but people must know their boundaries and not tamper with a mans family. The women we date may not be really deep into hip-hop culture to take such disrespect as shots. So yes it’s okay for Noble Stylz to call Xndr “Mr. One Bhach’”, Marques can indeed ask about Tehn’s album with humour and that’s okay. The day he decides to take a shot at Lochnation in a bid to get at Tehn it’s war time and the damage can be irreversible.

Xndr practically built Team Bho with his own hands, gave them direction when they needed it. Personally I realize that Schingy is actually a good guy but his friend DJ Towers seems to propagate bad ideas all the time which put the team in bad light. I think DJ Towers owes Xndr respect. His brand was grown in Xndr’s studio for months when they chilled on those stairs with nowhere else to use as a chill spot.  Xndr’s ability to turn that lack of Talent into something that people would discuss about just makes him a genius, but I can tell you today he was not impressed by Saturday posts. He created a monster.

You can certainly see how Team Bho is fading into oblivion with no support from Rehab whilst Mile, Chris James and T-One are on the rise. Team Bho is now so jealous of this trio, a meme against the artistes on We On was created.

Well some may say, Xndr created his own monsters. For the months he fed them great publicity gimmicks which are now being used against him. I would agree but then again, it wasn’t in bad light that he taught them how to be relevant. The producer was doing it for them because they didn’t have bars solid enough to run this game, over Karma, over Noble, over other guys. What they had as I said in Ghost On Ghost was “pamuromo” (being spiteful). They could never trend without that and so when they left Rehab, they carried that formula. The formula itself was not bad but one has to know their boundaries.

To Xndr I say, pay them no mind. You don’t have to do much, their legacy is self destructing. – The Great Purge of Zim Hip-hop is here.

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