Dizzy Don and Vokal Da Poet Go Conscious in “Freedom Cyphers”

A five minute audio documentary, entertaining and educative at the same time. The conscious Hip-hop vibe by Dizzy Don which features renowned Zimbabwean spoken word poet Vokal Da Poet conveyed through a combination of rap and spoken word poetry is a concept that has been missing in many African Hip-hop songs.

Kicking in with words from Vocal Da Poet ,”He-rose… she-rose…”, the tone is set by his play of words. He-rose is also Heroes, what a beautiful pun. The She-rose part brings gender balance to the equation. In 4 syllables he has managed to mention that both male and female rose against oppression. Of course he highlights this because of the common misconception propagated by books that only male figures played a bigger role in world revolution.

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The title by Dizzy Don, “Freedom Cyphers” is also wordplay on the cliche phrase, “Freedom fighters”. The title suggests that the fight is now the cipher, as the word has replaced fighters. The battle is now fought through art and if you take this message for granted, just look at the amount of media censorship and intimidation on artistes, musicians, poets and journalists. Just recently some Zim Papers journalists were incarcerated for highlighting involvement of police in a story about poaching in Zimbabwe. In February of 2015 a journalist and activist called Itai Dzamara went missing and is suspected to have been abducted by political moguls and so forth.

So the cipher here does not only represent a freestyle circle for hip-hop heads, neither does it represent some Nation of Five Percent members, kicking knowledge. It represents any avenue of artistic expression used to retaliate against any freedoms. It may not even be political freedoms in my view.

The spoken word vocals by Vokal and the rap report by Dizzy Don is unscrewable with. They sneaked in a lecture on black consciousness without sending us to sleep. Good Deep knowledge which i would love all people to have to boost their self image. The instrumentation and drums in the background are African acoustics and manage to give you time to allow to sink in before Dizzy Don himself goes in on spoken word.

He addresses, the importance of everyone in the cycle, the garbage man, the politician, the artiste and many others. Lastly he salutes King Pinn, Mizchif and Dambudzo Marechera. All listed are late but he praises them for playing their part in this artistic revolution. – Freedom Cyphers.

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