Discussing Zimhiphop Awards (2014) – Amiz – Black Bird – Team Bhoo – Masofa Panze

As we come towards the 2014 Zim Hip-hop awards where I’m a nominee, I’d like to express my thoughts on the whole event. It has always caused wars within the genre somehow and it is obviously because, Zimbabwean hip-hop is a battle like zone. I thank the Zim Hip-hop awards selecting committee for seeing this blog fit to be a nominee. I mean I have done my level best to represent the culture haven’t I?

It seems Zimbabwe is going through a certain renewal season in politics and all other areas, where the usual expected names that once dominated in both are being replaced by the new. I was particularly glad to see that in the nominees list.

Fresh names, fresh blood and perhaps there is a fresh committee out there to arrange these things.

This year we saw the underground being included in the nationwide events that ZHHA embarked on where unknown and rising emcees showcased talent. This is half of what this website has been calling for. I hope next year more underground artistes make it to the nominees list and they don’t have to be vetted by how they got radio play or newspaper coverage or not. See because some people simply get newspaper coverage because their cousin is a journalist and not because they are better than the guy who doesn’t.

However I do see the logic behind why ZHHA wants to see ones relevance. I mean if you got into the press legitimately you’d have to be a great artiste after-all. I am just stating another angle to it that’s all.

Black Bird’s Video

I have heard people complain why Black Bird’s video is being nominated this year. I just want to refresh your memories there.

Black Bird’s video was declined for nomination last year because it came out in November. The ZHHA year begins in October and ends in October so work after October is considered for the next year. That lady deserves to be nominated.

How Come So And So Was Not Nominated?

Well, at present all award shows in Zimbabwe including ZIMA and NAMA require that you submit your portfolio to them so that you stand for nomination. So if the best rapper does not follow their guidelines and expect them to stumble upon his work he will certainly not be nominated. Someone else will take the award in that category.

I don’t know if that’s the best method to pick nominees but that’s what’s there so far. I for one missed the NAMA deadline meaning if I ever want to stand for those Awards I have to submit in time for 2016. So I guess If you’re interested in ZHHA for next year, read their guidelines thoroughly and do what they want to see through the year.

I know it seems to favour the mainstream but then again to care about awards you’d need to be mainstream.

Amiz – Rant

As I arrived into Harare on my day of nomination friends informed that Amiz had made a rant about nomination on Facebook and questioned why ZHHA did not give him credit (face-palm). I support music by the young guy and acknowledge all the work he has done but I think he shouldn’t have written such a post immediately.

We all care about awards no lie but it helps if you act like you don’t. Trust me a lot of people that expected nominations and didn’t get them were silent and pretended they never even submitted.

“Handina basa nema Awards, kana shungu. Handina kutombo submitta.” – That works

All I can tell him is that it takes 2 to 3 years for people to start recognizing you for the good you do in Zim Hip-hop. Zim Hip-hop has much to do with your visibility I guess. For now. We support your grind man, I heard your album.

Team Bhoo vs Masofa Panze

I love that nominees list because Schingy and Noble are all over the place. These 2 are from rival teams. I can’t deny that Schingy is very visible and yet Noble is lyrical. So for me the categories they challenge each other in are rather visibility vs lyricism. Just my opinion, you don’t have to run with it.

By the way I have not suggested that they are the only ones fit to win in the categories they are in. I’m just saying they are the ones surrounded by drama.


Well correct me if I am wrong. Votes are only for peoples choice award thaqt’s why it’s called “peoples choice award”. Meaning the rest of the categories are not open to the people.  Trust me this is an advantage if you are not good at spam.

I know people who would snatch all awards if voting was open for every category. J

To Everyone Else…

To everyone else on that list. I wish you well and to the guys up against me in Best Online Media category. Guys I need me that award – just for a few years at least. Be nice.

17 December 2014 it’s on.

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