Discussing Dexters Baysiq New Identity 

Dexter Baysiq has been rising in the industry for a minute and a half. My first review of him was on the Zimlink Blog several years ago.

In those days he was solely a Christian Rapper but over the years it turns out him and his allies began to follow the Lecrae type narrative of Christian who raps.

We all know Brythreesixty is now into secular rap and pledges allegiance to Team Bho for instance.

Meanwhile Dexter is allies with a Startup label, Monkey Bznz, which is a progressive outfit of rising talent. Founded by Marshall Muchenje and his cronies.

Listening in to Dexter’s new verse well I was obviously shocked to hear a few borderline obscenities though some where censored the intention was still retained. Also lines about “hitting blunts” and such.


The young talent of course is at liberty by the way to switch the focus and live an honest image.

He has to however expect a bit of scrutiny. Coming from being an artist parents advise kids should love, to parental advisory on sleeves is a tricky slope.

I like the idea of all these artistes being honest about how they feel or live as opposed to putting up a Holy front to maintain an image whilst living otherwise.

I hate closet secularism hidden by a facade to impress that Pastor at Church who once said you should use your gifts in Church.

 I mean bumping into him in Spar holding a bottle of Harrier in the company of scantily dressed, ginger haired, stereotypical Gabriella Engelish girls is a no no for anyone whom elders didnt expect that from.

Too much hiding, changing isles on the shop to evade that.

It was a brave stance for Dexter Baysiq, Brythreesixty, Cal_Vin and Asaph to say, “Hey! I cannot put up a front. I love God but sometimes I drink and I like girls. I wanna spazz on beats and that’s what the hell I’mma do!”

It is brave when they could have put a facade to impress church congregants. We know it’s honest.
They are now immune from the flack that controversial gospel rappers face. We know Mudiwa gets backlash once a year at least.

At mcpotar.com we don’t keep it vague. We name.

We Must Worry Though

Many traditional church ministers have always been critical of rap music being used as a tool of praise and worship.

Despite that many brothers like Prophecy and Courtney Antipas have held strong, there is still stigma.

Their argument is that you can never do Hiphop and not gravitate back to the world. Ministers like Craig Lewis (The Truth About Hiphop) have gone DVD on DVD to pour petrol to that fire.

When we get into Christian Rap and backslide from it, we risk confirming biases of conservative Ministers and increase case studies they have at hand to cite.

So I would encourage the Christian Rap community to enter that subgenre expecting the tests.

Remember girls from Church will still be all over your DM and wanting to further something.

Pride and ego will still be a vice. A spiritual father may be neccessary and people you can be accountable to.

I of course am a big hypocrite to be stating all this but perhaps I am writing a note to myself too.
It is still useful.

Back To Baysiq(s)

Now viewing my little brother without the background of his gospel days. Treating him as fairly as any other artiste.

I would like to say his lyricism and cadence is above his usual average and he is cutting it.

However I want him to commit to his bars, no one wrote the bars on his behalf.

No censoring of expletives on none radio versions at least, when they were intentionally written.

It comes of as if he is conflicted. In his heart wanting to say a provocative line and at the same time scared or worried what certain people who don’t expect that will think.

I think during this reframing of brand identity boldness and not caring of external opinions must be enforced.
I played the beat ony way to work. Great job. Keep working those punchlines. You have lethal rappers around you and the most honest men are managing your brand.
Let’s get it here

*Monkey Bznz Entertainment presents*
*Dexter Baysiq – Feelings (Free Verse)*


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