Discover New Music: Kidd Active Trapp3d (Hip-hop Album) – Part 1

Kidd Active –Trapp3d – Review

It is not a secret that I’m not a big fan of trap music but I do appreciate the subculture as it represents the new generation of rappers. In fact I have been falling in love with the beats associated with this type of music. Recently I bought a copy of Kidd Active’s Trapp3d. Hear they had a great launch in Harare which I was unable to attend due to cold weather. I left my jacket in Karoi.

Anyway I had a quick listen to the basic themes of course I liked some songs and felt some were just okay. Day Dreamers was definitely a yes for me but we want to talk about the rest of the songs, beats concepts and producers and before we do I want to applaud Big Shots for taking time to perfect the overall quality of the project even after the setback early in the year that saw them get robbed of a number of projects. Working on an EP personally I have come to understand how frustrating losing material may be.


Ndakosha Prod. By Terry Kush

Terry Kush did the beat making on this particular track and it’s amazing how Gwagz and Klasiq did not inject themselves in every single project as you will see throughout the album. I once again applaud them for that. Ndakosha means “I’m important” and from the title and being Hip-hop it’s definitely a braggadocio song with a number of catchy lines and a good hook. (In fact no song in the whole project has a bad hook)

Kid Active comes in with a good delivery to complement the work done by Kush. He says “mamonya angu masoja” – Which is to say , “His bodyguards are soldiers”. This line actually has more impact in his native language (Shona). He also took me with the line, “Rap game isipo ndakutoyiwachisa” – now I will not have to translate that part into English because it doesn’t hold the same sense in English. It is a “double metaphor” or a metaphor on a metaphor. To say “ndakutoyiwachisa” is already a metaphor and he added a simile to a common Shona metaphor.  It basically means he is killing the competition.

However I must say, by so doing it became brilliantly creative and if you’ve had the privilege of learning Shona or rather Shona Slang, you will get that immediately.  You can definitely already see the direction his braggadocio is taking.

Tamba Prod. McLyne

Mclyne Beats has been doing pretty well and coming up with beats for rising artistes. The instrumentation and hook on Tamba is unmessable with. I like the fact that this song can get people to get together and get the girls dancing. I’m all about consciousness and everything but we all need to live a little. Tamba plays it’s role in society of addressing our human need to connect and socialize.

Human beings want to be able to dance to music. A sound that makes them want to swing their bodies and sing along in a non complicated way.  He takes this chance to shout out to big shots and am sure there’s a pun-chline that talks about Strive Musiyiwa somewhere in there. Buy the album and find it.

Bata Panonaka prod. By Gwagz

Gwagz worked greatly with samples on this one. Once again a good hook but has a naughty feel to it. It seems to have little sexual innuendos. Not my type of content, though I’m guilty of putting some in “Like Me” but well perhaps that works because you know, “sex cells like spermatozoa and ovum”.

Girl on the hook throwing suggestive lines, guy on the hook responding and viceversa. Verses talking about  sausages and colgate being in and out. If you into that type of track you probably should ttry that one first but it was only on my playlist for sake of review. No it’s not a bad track, neither is it evil. This is what young guys and girls want to hear these days and strategically Kid Active has put it in that album for them because it tells his reality.

Great production as well.

Mhamha Honai Prod. By Zee

I want to say Zee did amazing work on this song, it’s braggadocio but it tells a really different story. Basically almost all tracks in this album are about how dope Kidd Active is and how he be hustling, taking your girl and making waves and that’s Hip-hop today. Amazing

In this song he is saying, ‘Mom come and see how I’m running game on these fools”. Yeah, he is taking a dump on many new school rappers anyway. I was just thinking deeper how we used tyo do something amazing and call our mums to see and hear is a creative young tall black Hararian guy using that to say, “Yooooh mum, look I took a dump on <insert worst rapper here>.

Kid Active be Like, “kupera kwangu kuchanetsa kunge AIDS”. He is saying his reign is so infgectious it will be hard to kill like AIDS. He also says, “Ndakutovhura hardware coz dzawanda sando”… and well that’s another line that doesn’t hold the same meaning in translation because it’s another metaphor on a shona metaphor.  Learn Shona and you’ll have the advantage of getting it. It’s the only way the language can be exclusive.

Hapana Hope ft Slasha Prod. By Terry Kush

Hustler track again, with a Dancehall guy this time. I told you this album is basically about he be pushing and how he’s dope, this one talks about how the artistes are trying to make the grind pay off on the street. Instrumentation was great as well no lying but somehow I’m not inspired to write about it further than this meaning I am tired, so this marks the end of Part 1 of Kidd Active’s Trapp3d Review.

I will review the rest of the album in part two which will not be difficult, I must also express that Kidd Active  did a wonderful job no lie. He has nothing lacking in delivery but has a lot of room to go up as far as literal devices in lyricism, however that’s not very necessary given his content so this is still a great offering. If you support Kid Active it’s time to be Active about it by purchasing his album and sharing this review by all means across, facebook, whatsapp and twitter.

The album available at G Records for $3. Contact +263775216646 or visit St. Andrew’s House Cnr. Samora Machel Avenue & Leopold Takawira Street

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