Discover New Music : Buffalo Souljah ft Crooger & Boi Mac (@BuffaloSouljah) Timhu Kunyenga Vaskana Vevamwe

Crooger Buffalo Souljah


I’ve never understood the type of hip-hop done by Crooger, a young rising Hip-hop Artiste in Zimbabwe, but I must say he does what he does well for his type of audience. He has featured on  a song called Kunyenga Vaskana Vevamwe. The song is owned by Buffalo Souljah based in South Africa adn also features Boi Mac.

That’s a Shona title where he talks about how the go to the club and flirts with other peoples girls. I was just thinking to myself, they should never mess in a club where T.I’s wife is and last year a Zimbawean DJ got into trouble for defending his territory. Well the young guys uses new school flow regardless to brag about how he would like to get into the deep end. He has a new school beat which I do not understand as well, but it sounds catchy and young.

These young guys are making moves, I give respect to Buffalo Souljah for supporting these young guys and I encourage him to encourage his colleagues to do the same for other artistes of their choice. Buffalo Souljah has been making waves on the South African scene though he is very much our brother. Crooger has previously worked with many rehab artistes including Tatea The Emcee. You will mostly see me on Facebook blasting at his type of rap but in Zim Hip-hop he also is very much a little brother. Crooger last year got an award for cover art, I hope he scores a nomination for a song this year.

He will be in Zimbabwe by the 10th of June 2014, so guys make sure you bring button sicks to the club and go Postori on him if he tries anything funny on your females. Vakajaidzwa van Crooger ava, but we want to share their music so please feel free to get the download on this link or that link…. it’s the same link.

This article was corrected… I  thought this was a Crooger song lol

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