Discover New Hip-hop: Stayfly Clan – Tobata Bag – Mc Onese, Jungle bango ft Sinbad90

Money provides a means to an end and almost everyone is concerned about making more and more of it. It is no wonder why world over we see a lot of songs released about money and making it. The idea of money is like water to the world that we live in that’s why Stayfly Clan decided to record a song about how they hussle for money entitled: Tobata Bag. This one features Sinbad from dollar sign music, and the Masvingo wordplay guys Mc Onese and Jungle bango on first and second verse.

Tobata Bag is a song about young guys in Zimbabwe that are bragging about how they go out there to create money for themselves. The hook is ruthlessly dope and so are the bars they are spitting. The song is entirely in Shona which appeals more to their local market. They piggy back on titles like Boyz Remukute which became an instant hit early this year. I also believe Tobata Bag if given the right push can make it into many playlists.

With punchlines like:

“Chero unesimbi yangu ukaifonyora ndoipanel beater”

If you’ve had the beautiful priviledge of learning Shona you will enjoy this. The song also takes a shot at guys who claim to be hussling on parents money.  Great offering you can get the opportunity to download it here:

Get the song right here….


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