Did You Hear Savage – Nuttin ft. GoldFinga x Xndr (@anonzixndr)

In case you haven’t got this one through the radio or you want to download your free copy of the song, I’m just going to hit an over view of Nuttin by Savage. The song features 2 unexpected artistes Anonzi Xndr and GoldFinga.


G Records keeps it gee with a lot of talented artistes and is the home and birthplace of many shining stars. They managed to keep the Global aspect in G by putting together artistes from different backgrounds. Xndr coming from Rehab, GoldFinga a dancehall artiste and Savage an underground story teller. This type of recipe has made the song end up on the radio because of the Stellar performance given by the artistes.

On listening to it at first I first asked where Xndr’s vocals where in the song. Perhaps am too used to a certain Xndr type chorus. I was however shocked to hear that he actually did the hook.

The first verse was by Savage and the 2nd by GoldFinga. A hiphop dancehall fusion with talk about how the enemy can take “Nuttin’ from dem”. The theme stands out as the concept here is resilience.

I got to know that Fun F recorded the vocals but Xndr did the mixing and mastering. Instrumentation was by Boi Tricky and JJ MAZ.

This is the first contribution am hearing from JJ MAZ by the way and am loving it. Keep it up.

I don’t know if we should worry about what other opinions are. My opinion is let’s get this track.

Look for Nutting on the Rehab page via this link.

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