Did The Street Mis-Intepret Jnr Brown – We Run It?

In my previous write up on Jnr Brown’s “We Run It” (which you can read here), I proposed assumptions that may have sounded as if I was instigating beef. I’m going to clarify a few issues in this article step by step. Then give my final opinion.

I am going totalk about how I deciphered the bars and also Begotten Sun’s position on this. I’m sure if you follow Begotten Sun or myself you may have seen the post where he denounced my assumptions and said my article was click bait.


Well every Mcpotar headline is click bait but the contents are well thought. Just look at this title for instance…

“Did The Streets Mis-Intepret Jnr Brown- We Run It” – It’s in the artistes best interests to get as many people reading about this even if the reader is not going to immediately download. We both win, however when my click bait potentially causes beef it’s a bad idea.

In the previous article i didn’t expand much on each explanation because I announced leave 3 days ago, the copy had a lot of typos. Forgive me for that.

Opinion 1 – Was Tehn Diamond Shot?

Well in my previous article it seemed as if I had said Begotten Sun confirmed this. I would like to clarify that Begotten Sun did not in fact say Tehn Diamond was shot at. In fact Begotten Sun asked me why people thought Cal_Vin was shot at and he said, he would understand if people had thought it were Tehn (because of the vernac line I think), however he maintained that it was not a diss track to anyone at all. This was in the morning before my final article.

The actual words he said were that Breezy may have been “cleaning house locally”, which I genuinely thought was synonymous with “in-house” (because of the word local).

My opinion however on Tehn getting shot was influenced by the fact that Tehn has recently spat in vernac and in the gap on the first verse of “We Run It” where there’s an evil laugh there was a vocal in the back that said switch. Which I assumed was related to the part where Tehn says, “switch” in Bho Tsano, before he goes back to vernac lines.

“… the Visa it’s so easy to stay- switch!!!” (Tehn in Bho Tsano)

The executive producers insist there was no pun intended. A diss would not have been spat under their watch.

These are brands I both support, in my mind I thought this was sat down and agreed on to create hype for the song. You know like if I say poke fun at Navy Seal and we both know what that’s about. Or when Pusha T was thought to have shot at dissed Diddy in Crutches Crosses Caskets (which Diddy produced). However both Tehn and Breezy were not interviewed on this. It was my own decipher.

Tehn Diamond and Jnr Brown are reportedly in good books and working on projects. Just that my wording made it seem otherwise. Breezy may have to come through and solve this math though.

Opinion 2 – Was “Masvingo/Mu Coffin” Bar Aimed At Noble.

This theory was not of my own making. Everyone in my circle who had heard the song before me presented it to me as a track where Noble Stylz was dissed. Well Kuda Musasiwa says he is from Masvingo too (so is Atenno I think).

The public really decided on that line, Breezy may have meant a different individual. The thing is he didn’t mention any name. So if he says it wasn’t for Noble we may have to take his word for it.

But why did the public think it was Noble by the way?

Because Noble Styles is from Masvingo, calls himself “King of Vernac” (the same niche Jnr Brown is believed by other thinkers to run) and Noble once name dropped Jnr Brown 2 years ago but it was a humour bar.  Noble stylz has been co-signed by Begotten Sun for every piece he has dropped and he yesterday said a noble diss would not happen under his watch.


Well this one was expected by our minds as listeners. We already had a bias in our mind that was going to turn any and every line to a Cal_Vin attack. The mention of Luveve in the hook may have inclined people to think that too, but there were also other burbs mentioned.  Talk about ‘don’t be fooled by Beefy Harrison Awards’ and such.

See the awards crowned Cal_Vin not so long ago and Breezy said something about Ronaldo not submitting anything to be crowned best footballer which sparked a debate on whether Z’khuphani was better than Maria and so forth.

I’m sure Begotten Sun held a poll on this one (which Breezy won on twitter). Cal_Vin is also a “new nigger”, which is a phrase repeated more than once.

Once again a Cal_Vin diss is not very verifiable but like I said in the previous post Breezy is a genius because this is just speculation. Speculation cannot count as absolute truth, though Cal_Vin is replying to this speculation. (I’m not sure if it’s a good idea)

More thoughts…

Definitely “We Run It” easily became the most trending track of January and may take on February. I have heard it on radio several times already. The song is a war track, there are many variations of the word war in that song including a mention of the famous book 48 Laws of Power, which war lovers read a lot.

Whatever Breezy finally comes out publicly to say publicly about this will be accepted as the final truth because he can generate an influence cascade as the big brand he is. He is also the owner of the lyrics.

Cal_Vin’s reply will measure if he now has a loyal following. See the same people that are fans of Breezy may be fans of Cal_Vin too. This will be the litmus test as to who influences them more. In the last test Cal_Vin lost in a twitter poll held by Begotten Sun which some will argue was lost because people may have been inclined to support Begotten Sun whom they knew is Jnr Browns’s associate. – He is a pioneer in the game and also can generate an influence cascade.

This is why we had to clarify the misinterpretation of his take on the song because his word is sometimes the conclusion. The medium is the message.

Tehn and Breezy have worked together and are working together, they could meet up and say, “Yo, forget the street. Let’s have a drink up!” the other parties speculated by the “streets” may suspect they were dissed too but they may not reply because there is no solid evidence. The only thing that can save us from speculation is an official statement from Jnr Brown himself but am sure he will just chill and let the promo do itself.

It would really help though if Breezy came out and said something about this. Gore Redzidzo is not over, I’m taking notes because right now Breezy is the smartest guy in the room.

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