Did Te3vo Diss Marcques In “MaFacts”?

Diss songs seem to be becoming a weekly thing in Zimbabwean Hip-hop, since August of last year we have heard a lot of songs that are either entirely diss songs or contain a few lines directed at one rapper or the other. Notably, Ventilation, Who Got Next, my own Ghost On Ghost, Kata’s – Get It, Tsuro Inegwenzi Rayo,  Vakanyangira Yaona, Maintenace, Briss Mbada’s – Usasaize Harare, Cal_Vin’s Warning, Ishy X’s Ti Gonz Steak and now Te3vo’s new offering #MaFacts.

It was produced by the mischievous Mclyne Beatz.


The song which features Cal_Vin seems to diss Marcques in the last verse by Te#vo although the first two verses are open diss lines that may be directed at their enemies in general. Te3vo is a former Rehab signee who broke away from Rehab sometime last year, did a few songs with Rayo (The Hitmen) and later returned to Rehab to do a party song which featured Anonzi Xndr, Marcques and Ishy X. In the lyrics he speaks of someone who charged him $25 for a feature and as the verse progresses it becomes clearer and clearer as he also claims that the person sounds like Jnr Brown. If you have been in Zim hip-hop long enough you will know that Marcques is commonly accused for jacking Jnr Browns style (whether that’s really true or not).

No names are really mentioned in Te3vo’s verse except mine (Mcpotar) and Schingy, though I’m not attacked. My line was name dropped with a punchline he had to make.

It seems Te3vo broke away from Team Rehab and is very much affiliated with Team Bho, which he referenced as having provided Marcques with chains. These may have been events that happened whilst they were still cool.

The delivery on the track is great on all verses and Xndr promises that there is already a response from Marcques. So we look forward to more action. Keep yourself updated by following @Mcpotar on twitter.

Te3vo and cal_Vin


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