Did T1 Wema1 Use Sharky Delivery In Get Mani?

The famous dark-shades emoji look alike is back on the scene with a brand new offering which will serve as motivation for your grind.

T1 Wema1’s latest offering Get Mani threatens to be the hustle anthem for many. The song is exceptionally executed because T1 Wema1 has been finding richer ways of delivering his lyrics. The growth cannot be under-estimated.

Whilst listening to  parts of Get Mani  some may consider it to resemble delivery patterns mostly used by Sharky in the song Shungu. The pace and feel of both this songs is almost the same and so of course such insinuations were bound to rise being also swayed by the Afro-traditionalist sounds at the beginning of the song.

To other ears, “Come on, there is absolutely nothing about the record that says Sharky.” Whilst some would insist that he has bitten a bit.

What does the blogger say.

I say, T1 Wema1 is allowed to take any artistic direction he so chooses and because we live in a world where even Sharky himself was once accused of having a tint of J.Cole and such, it is beyond reasonable doubt that a well rounded artist is a chemical reaction of different styles.

I like the new T1 Wema1 style and have observed him morph into many different styles. For instance the verses in Mhanya and My Gyal do not sound the same.  Indeed Get Mani has observable segments that resemble  Sharky’s Delivery in Shungu,  to be fair as well many Sharky songs have also had segments that sounded like musical devices from J.Cole.

I think there is much originality in the lyrics and the message. One can differentiate between the typical Sharky story and the one which T1 has preached since he shot into the limelight. T1 Wema1 speaks of the hustle from the perspective of a person who once had to make ends meet as an adult in 2008. On the other hand whilst Sharky does speak of the hustle its DNA is far different because he started working in a different era and so forth.

So even if the two deliveries were to be compared as almost similar. They evoke in us different emotional states.

If you care enough to listen and make your own judgement, please get the song via these links.

DL GetMani: bit.ly/GetMani
DL MyGyal: bit.ly/GetMyGyal

Whatsapp: +263774550834 (Mzaya)

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