Demons Made Him Do It – Poem

This is one of my most celebrated Facebook notes even though criticized in many arenas as an evil masterpiece. I just needed to get my mind of love poetry when I was going through a break up so I decided to write dark pieces but ironically they did a lot of cleansing.

He tied her wrists with barb wire, she couldn’t escape,
She bled and cried after his brutal rape,
He had cameras on to put it on tape,
He made her watch it seven times as he fed on a cake,
Like a psychopathic clown, cream smeared his face,
Officer Trevor Davis was still on the case,
They knew she had gone missing for days,
From place to place ever seeking a trace,
Blood samples, finger prints and leads,
As the beast satisfied his evil needs,
Candles lit in the dark as he read his creeds,
Diabolic in his thoughts, he needed to be freed,
Her wrist bled more, her face turned pale,
Trevor Davis found a lead, wasn’t ready to fail,
The beast must’ve been blind, he must’ve read his creeds in braille,
For he didn’t see it coming, only good would prevail,
Trevor stepped into that shelter and rescued Katrina,
The Beast was her ex man, Jonah the swimmer.

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