Decoding The Underlying Messages In The Mcpotar EP (Free Hip-hop Download) – Part 1

Where I Belong – Free Zim Hip-hop Song Download (Click To Get On Reverbnation)

Where I Belong is the song that made me decide to do an EP. It is basically an introductory track which speaks about the things I stand for, where I’m from and some the people I’ve kicked it with to this end. It also explains how I may be caught up in a different career from the arts but “spitting on the mic is where I belong”. The song was produced and recorded at Ikonik Music, run by Krimz Beatz and I thank the brother for offering me the instrumental as the gift that made me believe I could go and kick more tracks. The instruments spoke to me so much I started to write bars and I sent it to my friend Manuela. Manuela encouraged me to actually record it. Initially I did the hook but later we called Carlo to do the chorus as we believed he had better execution.

Like Me – Free Zim Hip-hop & RnB Song Download

Like Me came to mind in the studio when I was kicking it with Annie, Navy Seal and Leonard Chimanga. It was independence day and I’d come home (BulawaDSC_1330yo) to record my EP. Me and Annie had once talked of the idea of doing a song together. She wanted to venture into the arts a bit, so I started sampling Amvis Beatz I had got from 7:30’s Tanaka for free and there was this beat I had an idea for. I told Annie I needed to her on this one though Navy Seal thought , “No way, that’s not the type of beat for such a song,”. Me being the unconventionalist decided to take it on for that very reason. Annie was unprepared to sing but we wrote the song and she sang. Leonard gave us great direction, so did Navy Seal. I would be leaving for Harare the next day. I enjoyed it. The song is really about the type of guy I am. I want girls that are out of most guys reach. Was happy to see it featured on Larry Kwirirayi’s podcast Kwiricast. Larry is a meticulous listener and trust me making it to his playlist means much. Begotten Sun Too had a screenshot of it on his playlist. I hope the general public feels the same about the track too.

Drop Some More – Free Zim Hip-hop Download

I call this one the contingency plan. It was never part of the plan but my EP was not mastered withing the time I wanted and I didn’t want to go silent on anyone. So I spoke to Rayo and he sent me the beat. I did a demo at home and sent it to my girlfriend. She thought it was quite amazing. I wasn’t sure. Rayo insisted it was great but I never found the entertaining part about Drop Some More. Well if many people insist it’s a good track. Then why not Drop Some More right? I guess they were right because for the first time in my soundcloud history I got many favourites, retweets and close to 800 plays in 5 days. I know somebody who’s done better thinks that’s nothing to write home about but like I said, this EP is about my personal goals. Mcpotar had never done that in even in a year. Wow… weak raps do pay off. I mean I even got props from people I look up to in Zim’s mainstream, the FTR’s and Karizma’s. You know those guys you are dying to get an opinion from.

Everything – Free Zim Hip-hop Song Download

Then everything goes wrong once in a while. This one was recorded on independence day but it talks about how I’m dying to be alive daily. I am looking in the mirror and seeing that at the age of 25 I haven’t done the things I wanted to have done by this age. Where does my money go? What does it buy? How many women have been disappointed by me type of track. On the other hand it talks about contentment and gives realistic examples of people close to me just so you the picture vividly. In the end I explain a few concepts in spoken word.


Will talk about the rest of the songs in a future post… enjoy.

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