Dealing With Pain Effectively

The Process Is Not Easy

Sometimes people know the solution but simply don’t deal with pain.

Mostly because the healing process usually involves more pain than they are already enduring.

If solutions reduced problems immediately no one would have problems. However experience can’t have anything to teach if the escape is easy.

A boil may be more painful to squeeze than the pain it’s giving you undisturbed. However the boil & it’s current pain remain till you are willing to endure the pain that fixes it.

If you go through it there is a temporary boost in pain which begins to die slowly to bring you relief as the infection finds it’s way out. Even then the wound must be cleaned and nursed well.

If the solution is easy you’ll learn nothing and repeat the same mistake. Then the solution morphs into an addiction.

See if you use alcohol to heal workplace fatigue every evening. It simply becomes a convenient escape really.

You’ll never really work on avoiding the fatigue altogether.

On Moving On

Learn to move on from things like time. It doesnt matter if the situation is good or bad, time doesn’t look back, it keeps moving. So no more dwelling on the past I have to catch up with the present.

Sometimes we think moving on applies to healing from bad things. Yet in reality some celebrations have overstepped their time, you may miss out on new challenges whilst celebrating old victories.

Last night I saw a video of Keith Murray jump of stage expecting people to catch him & they let him fall on the ground. Some decades ago that wasn’t the case. In fact he never would have been performing in that old venue.

However he probably was still celebrating old hype and felt he could still jump as he did in the 90’s. He was the last one to get the memo. Things changed.

We are always the last ones to get the memo if we are not observing. It could be work, relationship or business.

Catch up with the present at any given time.

On Manifestation of What You Want

When you plant a seed allow it to grow. Don’t check every 2 hours if it’s still there by stirring up the soil it’s in. It will never grow. Periodically water it, remove weeds around it but ultimately let it grow.

It will grow and bear fruit and the fruit will have seed, because fruit is meant to bear more fruit.

When you plant an idea, a prayer, a mental image of what you want. It’s the same.



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