De Accolade – An Example A Mainstream Hip-hop Artist That Can Save Hip-hop Music in Zimbabwe

One rapper who will not be ignored for a long time is Kwekwe’s De Accolade, from Dollar Sign Music. He is a great reality Shona rapper who has used online promotion to push his music. I particularly enjoy his subjects for many reasons which you can learn from that I will outline in this article.

Initially I would have reviewed his latest offering, Siniorita. In fact I have it written down somewhere but I realized that all of his work needs attention. His lyrics are not too deep but they are not weak, he writes in such a way that is relatable to the average young Zimbabwean youth’s reality. What makes his songs more relatable is his choice of language. The majority of his immediate community in Kwekwe for example speaks Shona, which he uses to rhyme. This makes him flexible as he does not try too hard to sound foreign. Most rappers of this time use a lot of English (me included) but also most of them cannot enunciate well and even when their message is good it comes off fake.

De Accolade also talks about issues that are possible in Zimbabwean realities. They may not be real events or stories, but they are very viable in a Zimbabwean set up to a widespread audience.  His choruses are quite brilliant too; you can tell that he is growing in terms of talent. I listened to Ndauraya Bafometi and the only thing I found disagreeable about that song are the effects done on the vocals. Kwekwe probably has more hip-hop talent, my first discovery was Synik.

I actually think De Accolade should embrace a good marketing model and he is sellable in Zimbabwe. Some of his instrumentals may however come off as what is termed as urban grooves. His producer is doing a good job but I also believe the artist could try out other sounds such as the type of beats Stunner uses. The mainstream is looking for artists like De accolade, I urge any DJ’s that read this blog to pay attention to artists like De Accolade and not make it hard for them to break out by demanding bribes. It’s a corrupt country, we know you’re in search of money, but it will come the right way if you do the right thing and help us rise.

I think as De accolade rises should do more shows and seek collaborations with good artists like Marques (Zunguza). Those guys really have this thing in their content that can make them save the mainstream of hip-hop as they are still rising but making as much waves as artists that have arrived. Get his music here

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