Crying Is An Inborn Strength

Did you know that from an evolutionary perspective. Tears and crying loud were created for social support.

The first thing we do when we are born is cry, thus it is an inborn thing rather than a thing we learn from the world.

A cry alerts other members of a species that their own is in trouble. That way they can rush to defend or protect. Tears reduce the amount of stress hormones in a person.

Yet nowadays people see all aspects of crying as weak. They say it is attention seeking to air your problems.

Yes it is indeed attention seeking, because you should all pay attention when one of your own is in danger lest the danger that has befallen them kills them physically, spiritually or emotionally.

In the modern setting it seems it is actually now more dangerous for one to cry. People make jokes, mock or even insult someone for seeking social support.

However you can choose to be different from common man by actually hearing out whoever you can help.

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