Cool Dude Partners With Chris james To Make his Best Track Yet (@Cooldudemunya)

Well after trying to break up with Friday and Love Em’ Girls, Cool Dude didn’t give up on honing his club track skills. he has gone on to drop a song titled Siki, which features the melodic Chris James. Chris James, is the voice in T-One’s we on. Very excellent young man with the ability to make a record shine.

Cool Dude is great rapper, with skills meant to captivate the ladies or people of the party life. he plays his position and never tries to be all about murdering dudes in battle mode. It purely works for him because even though Friday didn’t hit me as hard as this. Siki  did the track and is undeniably his best track yet. The song talks of a new dance for the girls to do in the club.

Our culture since time immemorial has always been passionate about dances. What I do hope is the dance actually exists. If you make a song about a dance, drop a video so we can  learn it. We want to see the so called big behind, yellow bone chicks in it doing that routine, to verify it’s very existence.

The song is set for Team Rehab Volume 2. It has a Nigerian accent feel to it. This is something some fans may criticize in terms of identity but at the end of the day, the same crowd will applaud Kapital K for sounding New York without talking about identity. Personally I say music is a universal language with no boundaries. The moment we define where it should touch we remove it’s soul.

The melodies and baselines are rhythimic and can give you an African type of therapy. Very bouncy, traditional but modern.  Married to the hook, which will definitely get you to sing along whether you are from Ghana or Mali.

Anonzi Xndr Mutumha on the beat once again. Get the music and learn the dance.

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