Controversial Rapper R.Peels “Really Wishing”

He has a way of airing controversial opinions and keeping the time-lines ablaze. Self proclaimed, “realest nigga” and one of the rising hip-hop king R.Peels “Mwana Wa Pharoah” never disappoints when it comes to awesome bars.

It’s 2017, nothing’s changed. He is still the same old R.Peels, dope bars, swag loving, big egos and all. He recently dropped a track call “Really Wishing” which he got a  video for. Produced by the The Donut I believe.

Mr. Casanova had beside him some very beautiful girls, if you male and you watch it you may want one.

“They really wish they could try me” he chats and drops hard bars. We had to go down to that link and check out hiss new new after he made a rant about how independent blogs were ignoring his gems and focusing on Tehn Diamond (whom this blog has actually not spoken of in months).

Well the assumption was basically resolved, after evidence that Tehn too sends press release kits. The conversation stimulated some interest.

Well we were not disappointed by the track. It is an improvement from his last year track, Usazvifurire. Over time perhaps the hotties need to be more choreographed but that’s a work in progress. This is my point of view but I do not decide for you so why don’t you watch the video below.


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