Congratulations- The Word That’s hard To Say In Zim Hip-hop

Zimbabwean hip-hop despite criticism has players who have been making  strides. This post is not really about mentioning them but rather is a post to mention how it is really hard to get appreciation for moves made.

I remember telling a certain group of individuals of Few Kings presence at Summer Jam, their endorsements and MMT playing on YFM among other things. These guys did not consider those to be moves. According to many, our artistes must first appear on MTV for us to say they’ve done something. But wait a minute. If you cannot congratulate them for the moves you consider small, how will you be able to congratulate them for their big moves.

One of the things that has held us back in the industry in terms of unity and progression is the emotion of jealousy. If I tell somebody for example how good Trae Yung is doing, they’ll want to rubbish my compliments by bringing a name of their home-girl who they believe to be better. It’s always attached to an excuse.

“My hommie X or Y would be doing better than Trae Yung if ABC,”

“So and so would be nowhere without so and so.”

The naysayers usually have no proof of any hustle they have done for themselves. They feel that they are bigger than those who’ve gotten from A to B and their talk characterizes that of someone who did the whole A to Z of the game. Too many buts and excuses in their speech and really that does not help this industry to grow in any way. But you and I can do something about this, by being very openly intolerant of any hating whatsoever.

Jealousy In Zimhip-hopThe next time a fellow rapper wants to shoot down a milestone made by one of our own, challenge them to show us what they themselves have done in that area. If they cannot prove to have walked as many miles, discredit their rants and excuses with no apologies. Everytime we tolerate hating  we kill hip-hop. Those who undermine the ones that are celebrated should show it by making moves themselves not just writing wreckless nonsense online for likes from other no-namers.

This year we are re-building hip-hop, there is no more space for jealousy. Let’s make the word congratulations a daily term. Let’s reshare our friends celebration statuses. Yes when Trae announces how she got to number one on Power FM, reshare that thing without catching feelings. Knowing she pushes hard everyday to campaign for those votes and some things have nothing to do with so called nepotism.

People are on the grind, they are studying and learning industry trends. This is why they don’t join your Facebook status updates of idle talk. They are building relationships, because Hip-hop music is not for cry babies. It is not for the lazy either. Catch up, or bow down, congratulate and do not hate.

A shout out to everybody out there putting work on their own thing without hating on what the next artiste is doing. More shout outs to those who openly congratulate hard work without fear of being called boot-lickers or any equivalent term.

Our Promotional Song For This Post: Felicia Diallo – Dark & Light Street



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