Chunking Down Your Goals To Succeed

As we come up in life we are always advised to set high standards and value systems for ourselves. Any self respecting individual creates high goals for themselves which they aim to achieve before they die. We want to die rich, live in mansions.

For the regular artiste it’s probably performing at stadium status level like Jay Z or filling up the dome like Cassper Nyovest. I have no idea what goals you have set for yourself, but if you value yourself they are high.
There is certainly no problem with having big goals for oneself. We have been put on this earth to be all we can be. However, the larger the goal the more it’s hard to attain at one go for the most part.

Even nature has taught us that big things are achieved in small packets. That’s why rain falls in droplets but manages to fill dams and even flood some areas. One drop at a time but it manages. The same principle can be applied to goals.

mikeHave a bigger goal but break-down the vision into sub-goals (or Milestones). Celebrate each one as you achieve it. You may want a Grammy Award one day, but winning a Chibuku Road to fame contest may be your initiation into the realm of winning. I want to have over 100,000 active twitter followers on my account one day, but that’s going to take a big idea or gradual effort. In the meantime to stay motivated I appreciate every 100 follower increment and aim to double the time it takes each time.

See in order to know what success is to your brand. First of all your brand must have a well defined vision of the outcome you want to see and from there, you craft out a mission that leads to the greater goal.

For example, when building a blog you probably want to set a goal of what it’s about. How many visits you expect by end of month and how often you post. Then you need to stick to that plan and monitor it after-all when you plant a seed you never expect it to be a tree the very next day but you nurture it and modify it according to climatic and environmental changes.
When lists became popular
decided to jump on them and test them. They worked for us. In 2013 I was one of the earliest bloggers to make wide use of memes, even creating a comic figure known as Tsano which had my website name under each joke. All that was relevant to the time and it still was in line with my main vision of spreading Hip-hop. I celebrated through every 100 followers from zero and I still do.

I know many people when they don’t get the stardom they thought they were signing up for, they get depressed and hang their boots. A lot of people quit to early because they want to drop a single and be as famous as Cassper Nyovest.

Whilst there are many over-night success people. If you are the regular Philip or Tawanda you simply have to go through the 20 song plays phase on soundcloud before you graduate to 143 and beyond. You may pass through the ranting and blaming promoters stage as well. Quite normal but the key is to never ever give up under any circumstances, unless you totally suck.

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