Christmas Amidst Powercuts

If boredom killed, I’m sure the postmortem would read that the cause of death  was ZTV or ZESA power-cuts. Those 2 factors can send you to sleep like a lullaby on any day. I don’t care if you just woke up.

I woke up this morning to realize that ZESA crept away during the dark hours of the morning.  My data connection was depleting my energy, so I had to reduce brightness on my screen to save energy (perhaps dull people are on battery saving techniques too). I  guess the electricity is going on holiday too in this festive season, even though it has off days too often. Not fair. this is a time of sharing and they want us to share in the dark? Inconsiderately cutting us out for over 12 hours like the sun.

Bored to death

That’s why nowadays  young couples are not to excited about buying Christmas lights. I mean, what is the guarantee that they will be on on the actual day, or during the whole season. People are better off buying groceries that will take them to March in this case.In this day and age it’s embarrassing to still say you caught the January disease. that’s like catching an STD… Oh did I provoke someone? But it’s true.

Christmas day arrives, all the jelly you had setup in the fridge melts… power cut. I’d have preferred extensive load shedding early in the month to save us from this. I know there will be a lot of power cuts around the country on Chritmas and New Years eve, i just pray it’s not going to be my hood. Selfish as that seems. I will be posting less during Christmas (less my mean twice a day). In light or darkness, have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. #Provokatif

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