Christian Rapper Flabbz Ashton Ridicules False Prophets (@FlabbzAshton)

In Africa today we are witnessing a lot of shady prophetic words that seem to be more of targetted guessing, mentalism and such and such.

Flabbz Ashton a Zimbabwean based Christian Rap artiste has taken to social media to blast some of these practices in a humour filled manner. I believe he feels it important to always take any platform he gets online to set the record straight for Christians.

these days we have an ApoStole
who steals, a Papa Profit who can
Prophe-lie, a (greener) Pasture
promiser for every congregant in
churches.- Flabbz Ashton

The “Apo-Stole” suggests that some men crown themselves as Apostles of God yet they have Stolen from the church. Well we all know prophet rhymes with “profit” etc… From a broad perspective he has taken a shot at all corrupt Pastors. We do know that last year the Pastor Gumbura case rocked the media, Prophet Magaya and Uebert Angel have also made headlines in bad light (though I am not suggesting it’s directed at them).

A whole lot of questionable activity is happening around Pastors to a level that can trigger unbelief. Potential converts can no longer take evangelists seriously so it is very powerful for Flabbz Ashton and other Christian artistes to use their social media accounts.

I last week spoke of the Devil trying to capture the Christian Hip hop industry in Zimbabwe. However I am impressed that artistes such as Flabbz consistently air out their Christian views using social media.

For a Christian Rapper the message is beyond the music. In fact even non Christian rappers or those inclined to party life also gain more authority through living that life.

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