Christian Hip-hop Rolls Out An Artiste Blog

The Zimbabwean Christian Hip-hop community has lamented time and again over lack of good representation from mainstream media and the blogging community, but Kinzman Samare, a rising Christian Hip-hop artiste has taken it upon himself to create a special blog dedicated to Christian Hip-hop in Zimbabwe.

The blog is currently growing on ths address and has blogged about quite a number of projects. Including names like Whistle, J-Soldier and Lecco. The articles at present are brief with artwork and download links included as well but I sense it as a big initiative for Christian Hip-hop and urge anyone who is into Christian Hip-hop to share the articles.

Well done Kinzman.

Christian Hip-hop is basically a sub-genre that still faces stigmatization even in the Church itself as some “Holier than thou” characters would like to believe that Hip-hop is not good enough to give reverence to the Lord with. As a result some Christian Hip-hop artistes claim that they have been thrown of events and church shows and then have not also been able to partake in broad-genre shows because of course a mixed show gives high preference to secular music.

As a result the Christian Hip-hop community has had a lot of it’s members over-play the victim card as a segregated and persecuted lot. It is good to see a young man among them say, “Hey, I’m going to start a Christian blog.”

Kinzman is not going to wake up and start lambasting bloggers of the world.

Establishing this means Christian Hip-hop is now doing vocal training because a blog is a voice.  Nurture it, give it thought and time and you will do well.

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