Christian Hip-hop In Zimbabwe targeted by The Devil

Satan himself, the fallen angel of Darkness seems to be plotting a massive attack on Christian Rap so as to sabotage it’s true mission. No in this article I will not speak of aliens and Satanists but I will prove to you that the value of the tag Christian Hip-hop is being slowly devalued by a few individuals.
Disclaimer: Some Christian Rappers are not affected by the following post. But it had to be written.
Lucifer was a musician and his name meant “Day Star”. He took the “Day Star” part a little bit too far and began to hunt for God’s glory. That’s when he lost the plot. Now his plot is to lure young Christians into his ways without them abandoning Christianity. You don’t have to be a Satanist to do the devils work.
Ester SegarraI respect Christian Rap and believe it is useful tool in going head on with worldly views, addressing sin and uplifting souls. But think of a situation where the reverse occurs? The devil is trying to destroy Christian Hip-hop through Christian Hip-hop in tactical ways. Baby Christians have been allowed early to minister yet some of them still hold a sense of self glorification and narcissism about their new jays, followers, likes and accolades. They have forgotten that the glory is for God alone and it is not to be shared.
The vessel now seeks to share glory with the potter but we know the vessel has done nothing to deserve grace (that’s why it’s grace). The Devil seeks to devour men through desires and has enticed these men through women that find it hard to say no. Outside the booth there is no longer a difference between the Christian rapper and the non – Christian.
Because the heathens brag about their shoes but so does the Christian rapper. The only difference is he gets to put a line about Jesus afterwards.

The heathens have casual premarital sex with girls that listen to their music (all of which is against Christian values). Well so do some Christian Rappers. After the lights they continue to conform to worldly norms and defile themselves and the real preaching to the world is how they live.

The devil has put his hands in the ministry and if anyone is guilty they should not hate me and say, Mcpotar is attacking me”. I am not attacking an individual, I am fighting against principalities, forces of darkness and immorality which is threatening the value of the only genre I actually listen to. My ears are for hip-hop, I could never enjoy Hillsong and my discovery of Lecrae, Trip Lee and Da T.R.U.T.H was liberating. Now the movement in Zimbabwe has some doing it right and some going off the plot and we are not going to sit back and watch.
Moderation Is Needed
I have worked in Church Ministry at Faith Ministries in Harare with the sound team and rules that applied to Praise and Worship team applied to us because we were touching God’s work. There was moderation of songs and who would be allowed to minister because allowing anyone to a stage to minister the wrong message about Christ is similar to letting anyone int aa community water reservoir.
As we know, water reservoirs are heavily guarded by army personnel otherwise someone would go to them and pour poison to kill everyone. Well why not protect the living waters?
Some promoters have done poorly in moderating the content that is being channeled to the masses. If a rapper is still worldly he must not be allowed to perform at a Christian event. We don’t care how rich he is or what car he drives. We do not care if he has money to top up and make the event possible.
We have a greater cause which is to harvest souls for God and the devil should not infiltrate Christian Rap.

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