Check Out: Black List – Hip-hop Song by – Yung Tyran (Zimbabwe)

When you mix a First Class Beat with dope lyricism you’re bound to make a killer. Bulawayo based Yung Tyran recently got into The hard Room to murk a beat made by First Class Beatz. On the cover out he X’d out several Hip-hop Kings and called the song blacklist.

Yung Tyran Black listYung Tyran is claiming to have come in this time to kill all these guys. The beat has a Many Men sample, which may have been deliberate as the message is about getting rid of the guys that currently have hype. 50 Cents Many Men was about people in the hood wanting him dead. Let’s just look at a few punchlines in this offering before we let you decide if the link is worth the download.

Yung Tyran is like:

The first verse is like breakfast/

Shakespeare flow better watch my theatrics/

Here he warns that his lyricism and flow is very skillfully crafted. He also says his verse is like breakfast, meaning it’s a meal that Hip-hop does not want to miss and being the first verse and first meal it should not be missed. It creates the energy for the track. I however found the first verse short, perhaps he also meant breakfast in the form of a small meal. Or… the alternative is he just said this to rhyme with the next syllable … because the bars where more like deathwish, necklace, neckslit, next hit, tactic…. I’m sure if you can see the picture there. But whether or not they were put there for meaning or for the sake of rhyming, the output was a special type of dope.

He’s Like:

Right now I’m feeling like Pac resurrected by the flow of  a don/

Working like a slave see the scars on my arm/

In this verse he first compares himself to  2 Pac and then slowly gets into explaining this about his hussle and how he is putting work in. He says 2014 is his year. At this point despite the names that filled the cover art there is still no name drop, in fact the only name drops were in the previous verse but were to the studio and to A Kid Wit No Tahg (co-owner of hardroom). There is still no namedrop by end of second verse. See, when I saw all those names on the cover art I thought this song was like the new Wake Up or Control. I really think  the artist, since he had already put those names on the cover art should have finished it off by crossing the boundary. This is Hip-hop, no relations are ever messed up permanently due to a name-drop, unless there was already underlying beef based on real issues. All the same his lines where pretty heavy. His Pusha T like flow would have reaped rappers to pieces.

Still on the second verse, he mentions something like

Chase these awards/

I really hope he’s not talking about the Zim Hip-hop Awards though. Not that he’s not great enough to get them. No, he’s a brilliant emcee but the awards to me do not seem fair. Then again, considering the rhymes before and after this may have been created to be in sync with the syllable raps again. The rapper definitely gets my award nomination for an aggressive flow but he’s also up against Meyniak on that one on my list.

Great offering man. I need people to download this but I’m only disappointed that we didn’t get to hear who was on that black list because by the time many get that song they may not get to read the cover art. Big Up to First Class Beatz and A Kid Wit No Tahg as well, these guys are making Bulawayo hip-hop crazy dope.

Download it here. Or Stream it below


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