Changamire Awards Model “Blakxa” Dress Inspired By Nehanda?

This week we witnessed images from Changamire Hip-hop Festival’s award show.  One of the images that went viral on Zimbabwean Facebook and later as an H-metro headline was of a model who had a dress where one boob was covered by what seemed to be black electric insulation tape.

The usual suspects including myself of course wasted no time to create jokes around the issue but me being an artist and blogger knew there was probably an artistic meaning to it. I mean she was clad in black and my first instance of the image was when people dressed in black in solidarity against the alleged rape of women.

What best way of getting the truth than to ask the source?

So, the model we saw make waves goes by the name “Blakxa”, she is not only a model but says she designs her own clothing. She wears her clothes at events so as to promote it.

The 19 year old lady resides in Waterfall in Harare and says that her dressing is inspired by Mbuya Nehanda, “It is derived and inspired from Nehanda’s outfit that she wore. I took that and I thought to myself let me represent my roots and add an urban hint to it that’s how i came up with it.”

Well if you had been wondering, then there you have it. Her statement thus debunks the narrative that it was taken from an American celebrity. There has been a juxtaposed picture circulating to troll her.

The picture that people thought she took it from.

Well I guess this has also given her the platform to air out her ambitions to those who did not know her prior to these incidents.

She told us on Friday ,”I want to be remembered as a groundbreaking model who fought to break the barier and narrow opinions of Zim society.”

“I really don’t worry about people’s personal opinion. I focus on my career and talent. I’m an artist and I don’t apologize for it.”

The unapologetic artist highlighted that the industry was also full of manipulative individuals bent on making money in exchange of exposure and that if she accumulated wealth one of the thing’s she would do is to stand for the rights of models. She also highlighted that she would like to help out orphans should she become rich.

“To be honest the industry is extremely flawed and promoters take advantage of the models. You do a shoot with an artist or someone and they don’t pay you because they fill like they are putting you on when you are the one marketing their brand through your body. So no promoters are actually destroying the industry.”

She added, “I would definitely donate to orphanages knowing that they go through a lot of struggle and i would also start a movement that protects the rights of Models.”

Of course Mcpotar.Com would not end the conversation without asking who her favourite hip-hop artistes are. She gladly said, “Fucci and Takura amongst other phenomenal artist who i praise like Kikky_Badass and Stunner.”

We wish her a successful career and hope she can use the current clout wisely as she rises in life. If the style works for the brand she is trying to put out by all means we encourage the artist to proceed and of course be accomodative to criticism around it. That’s part of growing in this arts industry.

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