Some Categories Zimhiphop Awards Should Include

Most Attacked Artist/Band

With all the attacks flying around I think someone should get something out of it. Being attacked means there’s something you’re doing extremely right or wrong. Whatever it is it brings attention to the genre and makes it seem important. Moreover you are important in giving the bloggers something to write about. You deserve an award. If your band has an mc with a cut, wound etc from these attacks you might win this one.

Best Diss Track

Ah we thank you for highlighting your rivals shortcomings in public, not only is it entertaining but it’s rather constructive to the game…. is it? It gives us content of course and we must thank you for fueling internet companies for every download of your song eats up our bundles. Telecel and Econet should sponsor this award.

Most Disputed Award Show

This one is for the award organizers to appreciate themselves for lack of transpency given the rules set for nomination, if one has never been on radio (which is another story) they are less hiphop to Zimhiphop awards panel. i know they will win this one with no challenger.

Best Complainer Award

All I ever read are posts of what Zimhiphop should be and what it should be doing. Perhaps we need to award these men that stay on their thumbs all day to complain while Begotten thumbs are on mbira, while MMT is texting about their next release. The complainers are giving us posts to like and argue on. After the arguments I take the real points and create content.

Best Spammer

I could win this one but I have aggressive competitors. Some rappers will tag you to death or throw their link as comments under your post which is unrelated. They will come to your wall and inbox. You could be asking , ” Hey, where can I get a cheap haircut?” Yep 1notification, you go and see a link to someones reverbnation.

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