Casper Beatz – Joseph Chinotimba An Amazing Concept

A  great deal of artistes have already made song concepts based on fashionable or prominent figures, from Nash Da King’s “Supa Mandiwanzira”, Da Real’s “Makandiwa”, Jnr Brown’s “Chiyangwa”, Myke Pimp’s – Sir Wicknell to internationally known  Cyhi The Prynce’s  – Nelson Mandela. Usually the concept is along the lines of comparing the artiste’s image to that of the hero the song is made after.

If one day I hear there’s a song named after me, my instincts will 90% say it’s a diss track.

Now you would then wonder, what Casper Beatz is trying to imply by calling himself the Joseph Chinotimba of rap music. See Joseph Chinotimba has been prey to many jokes made to ridicule him. So unlike Supa Mandiwanzira, Makandiwa and Chiyangwa who are known in positive light for balling Joseph Chinotimba doesn’t seem like a figure a rap dude would want to be. This makes this one a unique concept and i’m guessing the artiste wanted to piggy back on  the the virality of the name.

Casper Beatz

On the other hand of course Schingy has called himself Gushungo ve Hip-hop (Gushungo is His Excellency, President Robert Mugabe in case you live under a rock). It is another case of viral inception marketing.

Now Casper Beatz says “ Ndapinda Makarivara”, (I got in whilst you were sleeping – #NoArtDepartment). Just as no one expected Joseph Chinotimba to end up a Member of Parliament in Zimbabwe, Casper Beatz claims to be sneaking into the game while everyone is sleeping on him.

A really humourous concept and take note that Casper Beatz is also a Harare based producer. I loved the concept, the beat is playful as the song requires and even the pitch on the supporting vocals in the hook.

One comic line I liked was “1+1 ndinokutendai, makapa ma ratchets kwekuswera” (I thank 1+1 (club) for giving ratchets a chill spot).

On the inspirational side i think what Casper is also trying to say is people may not enlist you among the people they think will be successful one day as in the case of Joseph Chinotimba  becoming a Member of Parliament whilst many political science professors, prominent business people, and bigots who laughed at jokes against him and thought they were better than he lost elections.

Lovely offering download it below.

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