Cashbid,Taz Da Prince may be the blurred lines between mainstream and underground hip hop (@cashbid87)(@tazyozo)

discover art wrk 2 (1)In a year that has seen a plethora of major releases in both vernacular and English rap, it is just the  middle of the  year but the bar has already been raised on what it takes to stand out as a hip hop artiste in Zimbabwe and fans have begun to focus more on the lyrical and wordplay execution rather than the beat itself.State of Art is one rap clique readying to prove themselves in the rap circles with the incredible foursome consisting of Taz Da Prince,Fab Johnson,Cashbid and Stunnerman.This year already they have proved that they are hungry enough to slaughter  by putting out lyrical masteries in the form of Fab Johnson’s ‘Mr Johnson’ ,Taz Da Prince’s ‘Work’ and the trio joining Meyniak on a DJ Krimz acclaimed production, K.O and their own rendition of Fun F produced beat on  Full Moon At Midnight. This time Taz Da Prince and Cashbid embark on a twosome rap journey on the new track entitled ‘Discover’ released under the State Of Art.

While there are artistes  constantly on the prowl for sales and Facebook hype that will keep their names relevant the two never venture out of their own lane and yet their material never seems to spoil any rap playlist.Ushered in with a sampled background which doubles also as the chorus,  Discover takes its listeners on a lyrical synopsis  with a pampered beat selection  still unrivaled owed much to their team work with The Hitmen (ZW) .The song offers a mixed bag of lyricism all pinning for attention at once with a flavored chorus and hook that manages to still waver within your mind after listening.Taz Da Prince opens up the track admirably never disappointing in bar execution, with the  MC undergoing a self-examination and pouring out his lyrical soul in discovering his rap realm and the steps he is taking.

Hip hop wise, Taz is one of the most underrated cats around bearing in mind that his delivery  resonates well  with the modern-day hip hop sound  managing to switch from straight forward raps(Murderous Methodology) to melodic flows(Talking To Myself).

Cashbid’s  takes homage on the second verse of the song and his lyrical strength lies in the ability to reach both mature and comparably younger minds all the while effectively navigating both worlds. I still feel there is a level of consistency he is still breeding, the consistent rapper who gave us Lord Knows three years back but not breaking through enough: although lyrically if he was to push a few walls  Lord Knows he would end  a few careers.He is real and holds no filters to his lyrics and his freestyle side also makes him a strong and an intellectual emcee.

The two are basically the blurred lines between owning the power to  lyrical aggression in an underground manner and still holding perfection with beat selection,who does their production and the execution of playful bars  making them viable to be leaders of hip hop that should be getting airplay.If you haven’t checked out ‘Discover’ you can take a listen to it(Varume vane chirungu ivavo) and do add it to your music playlist.







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