Cashbid(@cashbid87) And MiLe (@263Mile) Bring Out Lyrical Heat On Ventilation/FWYH Remix

2015 has got to be one of the most exciting year for Zimbabwean hip hop.In the wake of admirable album releases and a stellar improvement in video production,we can never ignore the hip hop rants that got the heads talking.Rehab affiliated Marques brought out Who Got Next. Cashbid fuelled up the scene with Ventilation-a rant bloggers were quick to decipher its aim at Christian rapper Brythreesixty and Team Bho.A week down the way MiLe geared up the game with #FWYH which most of us thought was aimed also at Cashbid although the former denied the song was a Ventilation reply.

Both parties did not say much at the moment but as the loving hip hop community we made it easier for them by concluding that a beef might be on the cards. The suburban boys recently went head to head lyrically as they collaborated on Anonzi Xnder’s Mastandards instrumental for a remix.

When two exciting hip hop talents collide, the end result is usually a  total hearing rap experience.Whilst listening to this collaboration you may find yourself going through all kind of emotions(Is Cashbid going to roast  MiLe on his label’s instrumental?Is MiLe going to murder Cashbid and send him packing from hip hop for good?.Is this a mob trap where we are supposed to choose between Rehab and this  other unsigned cat?)Perhaps overly lyrically ambitious at a time when his target demographic is drawn to simplicity,Cashbid manages to stamp out his relevance as he takes on the first verse. Although hip hop’s most popular sounds have evolved, Cashbid adapts accordingly without sacrificing much in the way of authenticity .Far more intricate than the average emcee of today’s  generation, Cashbid goes all  out to prove he can hold his own  alongside long established heavy hitters despite no mixtape or album to his name.

MiLe holds it down on the second verse and  is  proof  of an artiste who has studied the game closely and has learnt how to make it tick in the industry.Combining his unique youthful style , he’s able to set himself  apart from anyone creating art within strict confines(He raps and sings).Since hitting his stride since last year , he has become a hopeful prospect reign in the hip hop circles.MiLe is more versatile with his  flavored verse and manages to downsize any attempts to be an imitation of Western rappers.

This was a flawless collaboration and it will be exciting to see what the two have in store for the second go round-if they ever consider it.The single is available for listening and download on Soundcloud.

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