Cashbid Threatens Brythreesixty With Ventilation 2 Unless He Apologizes In Public

Is Cashbid becoming a Hip-hop bully or nah? Yesterday, Cashbid after yet another social media war with controversial Christian Rapper Brythreesixty threatened to scorch the artiste with  a new version of Ventilation. The last version of Ventilation was suspected to have hit the Christian Rapper with subliminals as it happened in a time his motives for Christian Rap were being questioned.

Cashbid was suspected to have been commissioned by my camp, to throw shade at Schingy, Team Bho, Brythreesixty and Mudiwa. A fake theory, which I later disproved. I believed it had been fashioned by people symphathetic to either Rehab or Team Bho. That was around the time I released Ghost On Ghost, after Mile release FWYH.

There where afew twitter wars there-after, with Cashbid accusing Brythreesixty of mimicking his artwork from “Full Moon At Midnight”. Later on the rappers seemed to reconcile, but it was short-lived as more memes poured in on Facebook under debates, bringing us to the one that struck the nerve. – A post yesterday by Courtney Antipas.

“As a Christian in the arts you don’t have to do music with the “Christian” label on it if you don’t feel the conviction to. BUT you are a Christian first before you are an artist so your Christian values have to shine through your art. But what we have is Christians going mainstream and throwing EVERYTHING out, sounding and acting no different to the world. But don’t worry, #‎Vigilanteis coming….. We reveal the cover tomorrow….” – Courtney Antipas

Somehow some Christian Rappers including Brythreesixty, who is represented on his personal profile as Brighton Wiseman, took offense in this post and it ended up as a debate between Cashbid and Brythreesixty, when Cashbid said, “hahahahahaha i sed all this in #ventilation , never dropped a name, but babies chucked their loaded pampers at me lyk a dissed their mums or something!”

Brighton from here on had attacks on Cashbid running in to which they battled till they got tired of posting. Bringing the post close to 100 comments. Brythreesixty vowed to reply to any possible disses and is not likely to apologize for anything neither does he perceive any wrong doing.

Cashbid has called upon Brythreesixty via this platform  to give a public apology, “Yield Brythreesixty and kiss the ground kid.” He said. “Because you were offensive to me, I’mma need you to make a public service announcement or face the fire in Ventilation 2. Ventilation 1 wasn’t about you but this one will be if you dare me…”


There you have it. I am just a reporter of what I observed. Whoever wins, Hip-hop Wins. The Courtney story…. well that’s for another day.


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