Can We Trust Zezuru Creatives?

It’s quite common to stumble into a photographer these days but very difficult to curate who’s worth hiring for your company launch, wedding or graduation.

Does he know the art of capturing the heartbeat of your event? Will he drift on to 400 blurry shots of trivia, or tell you his computer crashed before picture edits were done?

You don’t want your graduation picture looking like Shrek’s  metal ID do you? Unless of course you’re Shrek hehehe.

Well what If I told you I know a Rocksta, a Zezuru one, who can freeze your crowned moments in time in ways that make you daydream them in HD? See a great photographer not only focuses behind the lens, but imagines the final photograph from the client’s iris.

I know what you’re thinking… “A Rocksta? Zezuru? Michael wait… this is my moment we are talking about, we’re waiting for the punchline” but just bear with me for some seconds while I introduce him, his philosophy and his work. The magic is actually in the name.

Zezuru Creatives Women having Fun

Alex “Zezuru Rocksta’ Muringani, is sometimes known as  him Alex 2.3, in fact he upgraded from Alex 2.1. He is not only a photographer but a creative consultant under a brand he has been building over the years called Zezuru Creatives.

He has worked with a lot of creative giants, “The bigger dream is to actually make other people’s dreams come true” he says. Among some of the people he has worked with are Roki, Ammara Brown, Shabach and recently Jnr Brown, Innocent Tafangepasi (the famous @atenno from twimbabwe) and Begotten Sun. He has been part of the force that has raised awareness on the comeback of rapper Jnr brown. Alex is an independent sage with tons of schemes to implement to your brand this is why the corporate world has been outsourcing light from his brain. He is always around to photograph and idealise events.

DJ Dowee from Germany, captured with Ammara Brown
DJ Dowee from Germany, captured with Ammara Brown

“Alex is not a digital immigrant like I am… He’s a digital citizen, born in the digital world. So whilst we learn the language, life is made so much easier when you have indigenous members in the team. Inno and Alex are those guys.” – Begotten Sun (Kudakwashe Musasiwa – KYN)

I guess the 2.3 in Alex 2.3 , represents the digital DNA, Musasiwa is speaking about, “But why Zezuru?” I asked.

“I’m Zezuru personally; it’s an ethnic thing and Rocksta, not in the sense of an American Rocksta but in a sense of Rocksta… as in the people who live their lives to the fullest.”

He went on to say his brand is there to help catalyse fulfilment of dreams by all gforms of creatives whether their art is music, literature, visual art and so forth.

“We help and promote all artistes in all art forms, whether they are book writers, poets, film makers, movie star’s actors and stuff like that,” Well of course I found my niche there (stuff like that).

Can you trust Zezuru Creatives? – Well Roki would.

Follow him on twitter @ZEZURUROCKSTAR


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