Can we really trust OLOVA Music App? (@OlovaMusic)

So in late August you probably started hearing about OLOVA. OLOVA would be the app that would solve the Zimbabwean Music piracy problem and allow paid downloads by use of Telecash and Ecocash. “Amazing concept and idea,” I thought. During the Shoko Festival we watched them further spread their message enthusiastically.

The question that comes to most artistes minds is, “Can we really trust OLOVA Music?”

I throw back the question and ask, “Can you really trust Facebook?”, “Can you trust Youtube with your content?”

If yes, then surely we can trust OLOVA App and give them a chance. I personally feel that Zim Hip-hop has not been as excited about this as I want it to, yet we are the very people that cry foul about monetization. Here is an app that finally solves the mystery of whether your next album will make money or forever be free on Mediafire.

After paying all that studio time we’ve found ourselves giving away whole projects for free. Some of us have taken our music to i-tunes where it’s harder to even sell any units as we are in competition with the rest of the world. Our music sometimes appeals more to locals who are still getting a hang of what a Mastercard can do for them. People feel secure doing transactions via Ecocash and Telecash. On that basis we can Trust OLOVA, though more trust will be gained by how they conduct business.

This project was created by young men who are very involved in Zim Hip-hop and so we know for certain that they understand our concerns genuinely. These are not business people trying to make a quick buck from artistes. In fact I thank them for sharing their app with the rest of Zimbawean music.  Though it is a hip-hop group that created this this will eventually serve Zim Dancehall, Zimbabwean Urban Grooves, Sungura and all other genres.

Think about it, this app would have been one based on one persons album or stable but they had an idea and said , “No this is going to solve the problem for everyone out there.”

If you do not want to take loads of time on Google play searching for the app, you can download the apk file fom datafilehost.


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