Can C Verb Make Our Top 10 Hip-hop Femcee List?

Fresh out the archives a Zimbabwe based female hip-hop artist called C Verb recently decided to drop a song titled Yithi in which she drops awesome bars in English spiced with Ndebele. This is a collaboration with VI The Law who also spits a power verse.

I remember about 3 years ago when C Verb was creating formulating her staqge name and we finally settled on the name C Verb, out of many options such as Verbocci (Verbochi). The Chi is from Chido but the verb means that she wanted to voice a lot verbally.

I didn’t see much of her work there-after but I am sure she was working within Christian Hip-hop industry but there was no massive push of her music. Her new song with VI The Law has been visible than the past works. I guess she was working the locks.

Her bars compete well such that many say she might dethrone quite a number of femcees. Her emotional energy could do with a lot more confident energy. More variations in tonality as the song proceeds.
But you have to love lines like:

“Keep blowing baby, you can never snuff me out.”

“You gotta suka off my turf before ngik’tshuka njenge surf.”

I love the bars on both ends but I think there was little work done to make the hook what it should have been. It does not engage me as much as it was made repetitive , probably to be catchy. The monotonous energy made it flat. I can imagine how different it would have been if they had made their male and female voices take turns to say it.

First 4 bars C Verb, last 4 VI The Law. You know.

I always say however, the problem with femcee growth in the country is a lack of consistency. I have written on so many great femcees from Icy Murda, Akira Slayz, Emilia Tru North and Miss Kiddy among others but very few femcees have full albums. Perhaps only Blacperl, who took the award last year.

Should C Verb sit down and scribble us a full catalog she may become official. She may find herself sitting somewhere in the top ten. Only if she is serious.

I do understand that girls have it hard in a male dominated Zim Hip-hop where even some gate-keepers, want in kind benefits before they can help. Focus however and total independence will definitely help C Verb reach her heights. VI The Law later speaks of “Mama warned me about the evils in the industry.”

Using  VI The Law’s advice, “I’m a big deal even without a big deal”. That attitude can propel any femcee in this industry. The fact that they are few or rather a few have gone all in is their biggest opportunity. There is a gap in the market especially for a renovated Lauryn Hill.

In this generation which tries so hard to be Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, the crown may await the lady who says. I will be the Sharky of femcee rap, or I will be the Tehn Diamond of this. Finding gaps is as simple as that.

I wish her very well in her artistic journey and I am glad our 2013 naming-process was not in vain as I had begun to think. this is my first write up for the duo (i.e VI The Law and C Verb) thus VI, does not have to make a rant line about bloggers leaving him out in the next offering. Cotton bud in my ears to clean ear-drums for the shout outs. Good Lord!

You don’t have to listen to her new offering if you don’t trust anything I said ut the link is below if you believe the hype.

if you are not seeing anything try this link.

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