Calvin Makes Shasha Blush In Zaangoma Episode 3 (@Zaangoma)

Zaangoma is on its 3rd episode and I am proud to be a part of this project. This edition of Zaangoma has a lot going on from platinum selling artiste Audius giving insights on our track of the month to Cal_Vin making singing sensation blush to a freestyle on the set.

Keep your girls away from Cal_vin please. He’s dangerous…

So yes we linked up with the Bebengakolwa break through artiste at HWMiT, did a few top of dome freestyle with him and Yagi Dojo and then we got a freestyle from him later on. We decided to spice up the scene by bringing in Feminine vocals and Shasha brightened the room with her sweet melodies. Cal_Vin was inclined to return the favour by hitting some bars which tickled our lady friend.


Yes Zaangoma is not always about struggle Mushika shika and such and such. We encourage you to go out there and make a lady smile. So much more is in this edition of Zaangoma than I spoke of so why don’t you click the video below to watch it. Afterwards read more articles from this blog. We appreciate you.

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