But Smart Phones Not Smart Enough To Keep Secrets

The information age has brought forth a lot of opportunity and development over the past few years and it has been remarkable. Smart phones by now should probably be able to tell how much mealie meal you added to sadza whilst cooking it. There should be an app that already does that, if it doesn’t exist I was probably dreaming.  I am blessed to live in this time where I do not need a renowned publisher in order to reach you even with a selfie I may have taken in the morning. However this also is a problem.

Private affairs go public online daily and it is difficult to predict when your story will be unleashed.  Yes, you have a story too somewhere I assume. If you are a human, you probably have a few skeletons in private messages that can one day fall into wrong hands if copied, pasted or screen-munched to the next source. The value of your skeletons is directly proportional to your circle of influence.

V = kC

V- Virality , C- Circle  where k is a Constant

Many vehemently accuse this era of scandals, corruption, stupidity and immorality but I believe the same existed before touch screens got to the fingertips of the masses. Few individual had sophisticated devices to record it and usually this could only be done by expensive professional equipment kept by media houses. A 5 megapixel phone camera may have low picture quality but if people can see Tin Tin clearly in it, the paper will sell. Nowadays everyone is a James Bond and even the cheapest smart phone is a powerful gizmo. At no extra cost using unlimited data bundles by Econet, Telecel or <insert brand here>, somebody can upload a full video of you getting kicked in the unmentionables or worse. As a result models, actresses, urban guavas and other public figures have been exposed and undressed online. They do not call these pictures viral for nothing, they spread like an infection and they kill the DNA of the person’s core image.

We are talking about an era where a private conversation with ones current partner may become a weapon against or for them if the relationship goes sour. An era where the newspapers find little to talk about and simply copy and paste each other all over the web, as long as it’s a good story. The lesson is that dark things are not to be done with phones switched on ladies and gentleman; you’re better off relieving yourself in the middle of First Street. If you are going to do anything you can live to regret, just don’t post online because private inboxes are not as private when people screen munch and send confidential information to other people. That’s why a lot of local celebrities especially women have been abused by leaking of their nude photos or videos they gave their boyfriends in confidence.

Of course there are always alternative opinions like, “They never learn,” from the self righteous members of our plastic society. The ones that truly walk right do not have time to judge or applaud the destruction of another human beings reputation. The reality is that almost everyone has a little demon that is waiting to be unleashed on the mighty world wide web or their image doesn’t matter enough for it to go viral. A public figure will draw more attention; it does not mean immorality is existent within popular circles alone. The equation V=kC pretty much sums it up for us (see earlier parts of article).

If you know that you are going to go places or will be big in the future, be cautious of every message you send on these social networks. Mistakes made today could land in the hands of the devil and he will take that opportunity to drag down your name in public.  I understand the people that write these stories in the press are doing it for the mighty dollar bill but they should also know that one day it could be them at the mercy of the same media. To the sisters that have suffered the brutality of mainstream media, I fight for your struggle. He without sin should cast the first stone. Always remember, smart phones are not smart enough to keep secrets.

What do you think about what has been going on? Feel free to share your view in the comment area below.

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