Bulding The Blocks and Staying On The Charts 8L Reveals The Secrets

8L has been known to stay on the radio charts for long so today he decided to share  with fellow artistes his tips. Here is what he said… (This has been modified slightly for grammar and formatting consistent with Mcpotar.com)

Music Marketing Tips From Blessed Zikhali (8L)

I have received a lot of love and hate for chart topping and that’s natural. I had offered to withdraw my songs from radio in protest for airplay for upcoming artists only to find the same artists are now fighting me. Am a big boy no love lost so lemme do this for my brothers. There is nothing special in how i do it guys, shall we:
Blessed Zikhali 8L Music TipsStep 1: 1st make a dope song. Whats a dope song? You need to be honest with yourself about this one, it has to be dope that’s all l can say. Beat, vocals, lyrics, hook, mastering, artists chemistry etc.

Step 2: What’s a good song without people hearing it? Most artists end here. Make CDs for radio, i do at least 50 CDs, take them to radio, 25 to Power FM, 5 to ZiFM Stereo and 5 to Star FM, the rest for fans and dj’s . You can also try National FM, Radio Zimbabwe etc. Also club dj’s guys don’t forget them.

Step 3: Make noise about your song: I share my song at least 2 times daily on my time-lines, groups etc, i inbox friends on Facebook including dj’s. They shouldn’t be allowed to ignore you. Go Schingy way if possible! Lol. Call dj’s, yes call them! Netsa (nag), they should know that if 8L drops and l don’t play his song he will be knocking on my door 3am! Not literally though!

Step 4: Campaign for votes, yes once song is on station and approved to be played, get people voting on future hits even if your song hasn’t been played yet. Now if you have more rappers as your fans that real fans u are f***d up, rappers are bloody liars, they will lie that they voted yet they laugh behind your back, move to real fans, stay in touch with them, update them thank them for voting! Munhu anobva kuvanhu (a person is built by the people)……identify and relate to your fans, once you charm them you are good.

Step 5: Keep walking: once you romance them with one song, bring another one, stay present, fans can easily forget you among thousand rappers, make sure another dope song drops soon as 2 months. Send it 1st to dj’s and fans let them feel important and go back to step 2.

Now there you have it guys, it’s nothing magical but its hard work! It looks simple but its not! I know some of you have tried these steps but it didn’t work, well try until it happens…stay walking. I hope you find this useful. Once you have 3 or more songs, fans and dj’s start looking for your music, zvabhadhara (it has paid off) but work first, blessed are you with managers, I do my laundry by myself#100

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