Bulawayo Hip-hop: The Album We Have Been Sleeping On in 2018

Bulawayo is home to many outstanding hip-hop talents, some whom we are widely familiar with and others who do not yet possess a ton of mainstream clout. One of the brothers who have relentlessly made efforts to pour out his soul on the microphone is Maestro IV.

This year he gave us the offering S.C.A.R.S, a project where his tears are shed lyrically in songs like Siyophila Kuphi, Dear Zimbabwe and even the title track S.C.A.R.S. It also has motivational hustle songs you can look forward to.

The Songs

In the title track he divulges his relationship and emotions for the arts and vows to continue to do it for the love despite being almost 30 and not having a mainstream following. As with other projects by the Chillafonia King, it is passion woven into wordplay and meaning.

The album cannot be all crying and whining about what isn’t and what should be , hence as holistically balanced artiste he has motivational grind joints like Pusha Panda and In it to win it. This is important because without that dimension S.C.A.R.S becomes somewhat a cry baby anthology.

The best art is talk about the problems and balance them out with tracks that talk about the swolution and the Brightside.

The Beats

No Hip-hop project is complete without the beats. We often deny them their glory by only giving props to the artist. I as a blogger have never allowed myself to ignore the work put in by this group.

I really vibe  with Charlie Zimbos beats, he held his own. However this project also introduced me to The Creed, Amillion Beats, 9th Audio, T Jeketera and well Maestro IV himself on the production side. An album is always a new platform on which producers reach our new ears.

IV went beat-shopping for only the finest beats. I urge the creators of beats to always make sure they give beats out to this guy with a funeral insurance policy, because he certainly will murder them.

The Features

What is a meal without additives, side dishes and spices. Well artistes nowadays like going the J.Cole no features route which is okay too. This is certainly not the case with Maestro IV in Scars.

He brought Cal_Vin, Anonzi Xndr, Slim Jeez, Maya and Luba as accomplices to the killing of these beats. Each party participated to the best of their abilities to strengthen the overall impact of the project. I like this idea because it brought a lot of diversity to the grand project.


I applaud the album for cultural diversity. It is worth saying that despite that the album is done in Matebeleland you find songs with titles such as Musikana Akanaka on this one.

It is my hope that more and more artistes cross collaborate across cultures. As cliché as it reads it’s true to say, “Divided we fall, united we stand.”

With that in mind and the future at heart perhaps even fellow artistes that will read this article should share it so that Maestro IV is recognized.

But wait… What is bad about it?

This is the part artists’ love and hate but it’s also the most important part of the album. The great words about the album written above are strongly valid so these pointers are only to improve something which should be already great.

Leveraging Social Media Like A Boss

We can never teach Maestro how to create an album. He has that part figured out, but an aspect he has not mastered strongly is consistent promotion and leveraging of social media with his roll out.

No I am not talking about him spamming your inbox right now with the link that led to this post. I mean to say, in between projects he should put more effort to basically communicate with potential fans on other issues other than music. We need to see him in the timelines, reposting memes and being mortal with us down here.

It makes his roll out easier because if we are always watching his accounts to be updated it means we will never miss when his album is out.

Sometimes he could get a friend to shoot a few studio sessions to share on Instagram. That said I am not on his marketing team and perhaps there is a grand scheme to the introvert approach, but for experiments sake he might want to jot this down and watch some Gary Vee on Youtube.

He has my number as well.

Final word!

I don’t always blog nowadays, but for this one I had to. I am biased yes… I am biased to people whom I know love this game with all their might and are willing to make sacrifices.

Please like and share this post. Actually get the music as well.

Download It Here or Stream it there

Have fun!

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