Bulawayo Fashion Comes Alive On Saturday 21 November

Litso Fashion Label owned by a very talented entrepreneur Annie Maliki never seems to run out of creative ideas. This Saturday they explore a new concept inspired by the urban legend, Jane The Ghost. Jane, was thought to be a ghost who was notorious for offering men sexual pleasures at night and well, truth or myth – it is a common Bulawayo story.

The show is happening at Hope Centre on Saturday 21 November from 6pm to 8pm.

“The show is all about showcasing Litso’s imagination on what Jane the ghost would have probably worn whilst wooing man, ” a smiling Annie told Mcpotar.Com in an interview. The show will focus on the designs of Litso and word has it a Movie on Jane The Ghost is actually being made by Lenni Mdawini’s Ya-Sibo? Media which is working hand to hand with Miss Maliki. Late last year, Annie Maliki was part of Ya-Sibo’s debut movie “Qiniso” which filled Bulawayo Movie houses despite a few critics.

They have not gone back and this years Fashion Showcase will have Ntando Van Moyo as the MC, so you must expect to crack your ribs in laughter. Enque, Ricco Andrews and Black Sheep are also preparing to give the crowd phenomenal performances. So you can have fashion, music, social, comedy and food in the same night. Perhaps a few drinks with friends to keep the night alive.

Gentleman just be careful not to take Jane Home.

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