Building Your Origins (Bulawayo) – Independent Hip-hop Band Profile

I personally know these guys, they have quite an intelllectual band name, it speaks for itself and this is who they are and what they have to offer the industry. they are filling the gap definitely and i support them and anyone putting the work they put in. i believe when you read these profiles you can be able to learn  something from the artist (who in fact are the fans). That will give you a bigger picture of the work we are trying to achieve as an industry.

 Building Your Origins

 B.YO is a rap group from bulawayo, (4 rappers, inclusive of me) also managed by me. Im also the graphic designer who designed our byo tshirts and album cover. The link also contains 90% of the tracks on our album ‘Building blocks’ , whch was released in september, whch has received play on various online radio stations (eg. Channel ZIM). 90% of our tracks were produced by Face the music international in byo. We know we’re the best rap group in zim, but we are 1 of the best  . Email: in addition, u can also find us on twitter @BYO263 , or you can contact me personally @2tukani , , or on reverbnation
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