Brythreesixty Co-Produces Song About His Ex Girlfriends

“All my exes wanna blow my phone / she just texted that she want me back”, are the first words to Brythreesixty’s self produced 2016 single, X’s. The song has a modern feel and was co-produced by 808Mafia and is about his ex-girlfriends trying to get back with him because of his musical milestones.

Brythreesixty removed his “Christian Hip-hop” tag last year as it confined him in a box where people only expected him to sing about “Holiness”. I think I like his new sound, the delivery is quite lit. The melodies and progressions are catchy. He has also been rebranding, all links to his singles can be found on his official website.

The artiste who won an award in Nigeria last year, invests a lot into his music. He has been making strides over the years because of this undying effort.

I hope you enjoy this one.


Brythreesixty X's


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