Brian-G Releases New Track – Skiri (@BGizzleZw) – Zim Hip-hop Mp3

Hip-hop is a sport in the sense that it requires skill and we talk much about the “game” and “kicking it”. Well Big Boy Bizness (Jnr Brown and Gze) have signed Brian-G and he has rolled out a McZee produced track known as Skiri. Skiri basically means skill.

Of course Big Boy Bizness called  KYN Records , FTR and HWMiT to the match. They did the mixing and mastering whilst McZee worked on the instrumentation. Brian-G is not at all a new School rapper but I guess the family has decided to collaborate and break the brand into the mainstream. Not sure if this is BG from Fio (who did a song about Mari) … the name is quite familiar.

Jnr Brown has recently benefited a lot from collaborative push by Big Boy Bizness, HWMiT and KYN and I guess they strategically are going to start using the same formulae to all other members. This will obviously stretch into Gze’s push and so forth I guess. Now that I’m done talking about the unit let me talk about the song.


Memorable hook which consistently says “Skiri”, in between these chants he brags about his swag and rap skills.  He calls himself the “Fresh Prince of H-City”, this is derived from Will Smith’s popular commedy “Fresh Prince Of Bel-air” if you’re in touch with 90’s TV programming you will relate to this bar.

The Fresh Prince of course was the guy with all the “Skiri” at the time. BGizzle (Brian -G) goes on to warn that he murders rappers on tracks hand could have them for lunch. There is a play on Mc Cut and Schingy’s Team Bho towards end of first verse. It’s potentially offensive to both rappers, but may as well also be an innocent wordplay line.

“Todya ma rappers for Lunch/

Plus TEAM iri BHO, no Schingy no CUT/”

Th e line is preceded by “Mamauraya game I had to ressurect it!” before the hook leads in again. Of course we are already questioning whether he is reffering to Mc Cut, Schingy or it’s an open line addressing everyone else in the industry. That speculation is what keeps Hip-hop exciting and trust me , these things may not have been BGizzle’s intended meanings but it’s my job as the most awesome hip-hop blogger in the country to show how he could also have meant that.

In the second verse he starts of by saying he is killing it like stunner in 2010 and claims he is being inaugurated as a ghetto King Pinn. King Pinn had a song called inauguration so if you have that common knowledge once again that play on words should make lots of sense to you. He is paying respect to the legend and the Stunner line also actually gave Stunner props for holding it down in 2010.  He also mentions Jnr Brown, Gze and Tehn Diamond as must haves in your playlist, so it seems the 2nd verse was scripted to give salutations to his team and people he respects. A Jnr Brown sample says “Big Boy Bizness” before he breaks the monotony by  adding a sample of Ma’ Drinks.

The song gets back into the track and personally well I think from this part onwards there could have been bigger variations of the hook. The hook tends to come up in between verses, I’m supposing that’s meant to make it memorable. Well the song is done, but perhaps more vocalists should have joined into the last part of the song or a second hook would have been built up just to include some variation.

The name drops will of course work to Brian-G’s advantage. Trust me if you gave me a shout out in a song I would push it like my own. Trust that the whole team mentioned including the Schingy and Mc Cut will spin this, talk about it and share it.

I like how Jnr Brown and Gze have decided to empower their family and I believe when BGizzle has the ball running he should also pass it on. It’s a sport like I said. Skiri is when you dribble but you also pass the ball. I’m waiting to see how this new single will do on the streets and if this BGizzle, is the same guy I think I’ve heard before and played one of his songs in my podcast last year. I think we talking big bizness.

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