Bouy Tace Aint Going Back – Zim Hip-hop Song Review

Bouy Tace – Aint Going Back is a Hip-hop song in which Jae Myk is featured. As the name already reveals it talks about how Bouy Tace is going to keeping aiming for his goals paying no mind to people or forces that want to pull him down. In each verse he endorses his message. The beat was created by West Pound Ice Fox Beats, with vocals mixed and mastered by Anonzi Xndr.


I believe it is quite a good self-motivational message for anyone. In whatever you do, be amazing and never stop no matter who tries to hold you back. Even here at the message is quite relevant to me. However I think the execution of this concept should improve in some areas of concern.

Bouy Tace may want to get his hooks done by someone who doesn’t require autotune to be in line with melodies. The autotune era was cute but it’s not for 2015 productions. I believe the Zimbabwean public wants natural vocals without too many electronic effects. I guess if autotune is ever added we shouldn’t hear it. This is especially the Zimbabwean audience. What Bouy Tace may do is get in touch with great song writers. There are so many great RnB non Autotune singers out there. I can name Jonathan Marumaoko of the Newe fame. This is important because it adds value to the song. Autotune can degrade the value of this great Hip-hop concept that Bouy Tace has.

bouy tace aint going backAlternatively the artiste himself on the hook can practice more and spend time with incredible musicians. Bouy Tace as an emcee does have great skill which of course can also get beastly with practice. He just needs to become more and more audible but I love the delivery he is trying to bring. In a few months if he continues to work on that delivery for hours a day it will stand out.

Depending on his target audience I would also like Bouy Tace to consider doing vernacular lyrics here and there even if it’s a mixture. It is good to be ambitious that some Americans will stumble on your English song and understand it. However benchmarking the sound with other independent artistes in USA on the same language, you will realize that the chances get slimmer and slimmer. I am talking about emcees we consider to be fire in USA’s independent Hip-hop like King Piff are fighting for recognition. So definitely one may lose on both sides trying to be full on in English.

Just my 2 cents. Take whatever I said here to build your music. I believe in your work and I have seen you push on Facebook for a long time to know that even with my criticism in this post. You aint going back. You will use this and make more great music.

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