Born Allahu Seven: Lost Scrolls Review

When BA7’s 2015 album Lost Scrolls dropped, there was a lot of careless chit-chat on social media about bloggers neglecting the baby. Now we all know who they usually mean by “bloggers” but I’d like to remind Zimbabwe that I was the first blogger to ever put BA7 on any blog-post in 2013 in more than one article when I was working with my brothers at Zim Link, his name was Scribah Exit at that time. –  Just to refresh some 512 memories.

Here is an article I once did for him…

While I’m here trying to decipher flows by Born Allahu Seven, the enemy is busy searching for my flaws.

The problem is, characters who do not know the history of this blog always want to find loopholes and fake beefs about how Mcpotar promotes certain people yet if you rewind back to when this all started you will realize in the over 500 articles I have done I have covered someone you know. This is negativity usually poured out by people who have never promoted a single artiste. They gather on Facebook to assume a Malcolm X position against the so called “system” (an individual who manages a blog alone is the system to them). There is nothing however that can be said to stop me from appreciating the effort of one of the earliest adopters of my work, Born Allahu Seven. BA7 is my brother in art and we share a lot of wisdom together with tolerance over religious differences and that’s why I still took time to write an over-view of his album.

I won’t go track by track:

Mainly because it’s a long album….

Mainly because people don’t read long stuff…

Mainly because sometimes people have to hear for themselves…

Mainly because I am the system?

Now what I can say is Lost Scrolls is an album about knowledge, religion and spirituality. This is expressed in most of the songs in the project, particularly songs like Valley Of Knowledge, Valley of Gehena and After Tha Last Scrolls. A lot of Valley’s in there, except Cashell Valley, coz hana kufrya beans.

This is that album that will make Pastors ask for another sign.

He speaks against religion but embraces the concept of spirituality and not confining God to a building or a certain race. BA7 despite not being a Christian also acknowledges Jesus in his verses and he articulates alternative and unpopular world views. Mostly these are held by The Nation of The Five Percent and have been revealed  by his mentions of gods and earths and the “cipher of life”. It’s really one of those albums you have to decipher with your background information of different historical and religious texts. It is very peculiar that people expected such a project to be reviewed in the same time span as a Crooger single considering it has over 25 tracks in it, each one of them deep.

Truthfully I am only au fait with most of this knowledge in part because hip-hop songs, give the knowledge in fragments. It’s like the way I have an idea of what global warming is but I can’t really give you intricate details about the names of the processes. I have come across some of this stuff during personal research but even then I can sense that Born Allahu Seven is in it deeply. He has really worked hard to spread out his beliefs to us and left us with pieces to attach.– I do hope BA7 knows fully these subjects.

Fellow conscious artistes like Taku Mazire, TOGA, Noble Stylz, Ray Hagins and De Vector gave their contribution to the album with people saying Noble’s verse in After Tha Lost Scrollz is the best vernacular verse he has spit yet. The verse contains no English at all and I must say it was solid. The instrumentation in the whole project is sick and the flows can fill a ward at Parirenyatwa Hospital. I must say BA7 himself is growing faster than the weed in my backyard, perhaps the reason the knowledge is smoking hot.

Guys get this project by following this link to his Soundcloud .



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